Thank Your First Commenter Day

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Neil at Citizen of the Month has designated the day before Thanksgiving as "Thank Your First Commenter" Day. For the past four years, he's taken the time to thank the people we bloggers write for-the ones who feel motivated enough to click that comment button.

I started my blog on September 30, 2005. For a very long time, about two years, the comments ON the blog are few and far between. That's because the roughly dozen readers would pick up the phone or IM me their comments on what I wrote. More often than not, I'd get calls if I let more than a few days lapse between blog entries. This finally stopped when Blogger decided that it didn't want you to have two blogs and I barely posted-even though I had plenty to say.

Getting back to my first commenter. I'd been blogging for six weeks before someone wrote something. Honestly, I thought it was longer. My niece, Tracey, popped in on "Notarize This". I forget the answer on that one-Tracey, can you marry people with a notary where you live now? And no, I didn't have the hundred dollars to get bonded-so I'm not a licensed Notary. Eventually, I'll do it. As for Tracey, I don't think she's read here in a while. I should check in on her.

The next two comments are from Jeff, posing as "Anonymous". A big thank you to Jeff, because he's been one of my most ardent cheerleaders on the blogging thing. We IM frequently, and Jeff always has a comment that's blog related. The early days were great, in that it was always a springboard to conversations with my friends/regular readers that we may not have had otherwise. The internet is a beautiful thing-because this friendship has mainly existed online since the miles between us have grown further and further. Thanks for all that support, Jeff!

The next two comments were from Heather. If not for Heather's urgings, this blog never would have happened. It kept us in touch when I moved away from Maryland. Much like if I moved from Florida, it'd keep me in touch with the friends I've made here. The biggest thanks of all go to Heather, because I've made so many friends through this blogging thing.

Thanks go to all of you who read, but don't comment. Maybe someday I can convince you that I don't bite and you'll leave one! :)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


some of us are not afraid to comment!
Delswife said…
Not only leaving a comment but tons 'o love ya, mean its!

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