Notes from Camping

Not quite. I'm at the Panera a few miles up the road. Why did I leave the campsite? Well, because no trip is complete without forgetting something, right?

All things considered, I didn't do TOO bad. I forgot the pump for the air mattresses. Fortunately, someone bailed me out on that one. (Love camping with a group, btw!). When I went to inflate the second mattress, it was a twin, which meant I brought two twins. Oops!

Chef decided to go to bed early. At that time, I didn't have the rain fly up, so he could see the moon and stars above. He asked to switch which air mattress he'd use so he could star gaze-neglecting to tell me that the one he was on was deflating! I didn't find out until after everyone had packed it in for the night.

Another mom is camping solo with her kids. She's got the most adorable twin boys. She came over after I set up the tent in the dark (which Ed and I are pros at-only one camp set up has occurred in daylight!) and told me she was stunned to see me fly through doing it IN THE DARK! We chatted for a while and I was amazed that she did all the work of setting up camp for ONE night.

So, what did I forget?

The griddle (must have left it on the camping gear shelves.
the pump for the air mattresses
to check what size the air mattresses I took actually are

I'd say that's not too bad. Wal Mart to the rescue, so that I can cook dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow.

Pictures from camping so far:
Our campsite

This all fit into a Beetle!

My little burrito!

Oh, the best part of camping? Waking up with a vertigo spell, standing up and doing an out of balance, staggering circuit of the tent, before finally falling on my ass. I worried for a few minutes, thinking it wasn't going to settle down, but it has. Thank God! Haven't had a spell like that in a very long time.

More pictures and details tomorrow. I need to hurry back for us to get involved in the human chess game!


cool pix.

hope things got better after your trip to WalMart.
Suzanne said…
Yes, the trip got better. Especially since we didn't have the skillet for breakfast. I borrowed bandwidth at Panera and got a toasted everything bagel with a shmear!

Oh, except for Gameboy obsessing over the stupid piece of crap DS.

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