Webmaster Alex speaks Anonymously

**Please note, this post was written in 2008, over 7 years ago.  This is not current, but remains to detail the DISboards bannings.**

The other day, I wrote of my banning from the Disboards, a site I belonged to for six years. I was banned for participating in another site, as were approximately 35 others. The list will be posted further in this entry.

If you skip this post because it doesn't mean anything except to the participants, I don't mind. This is mainly out there for the hundreds (over 7,500 now!**) of Google searches that have been directed to my blog since the bannings. Lord knows, anytime anyone asks a question on the Disboards, it'll be poofed faster than you can say "delete."

Curiously, I received an anonymous comment that rambled on and on. It rather reminded me of Socrates, my older brother who has delusions of grandeur. When I first read the comment, I thought, "Oh goody, a moderator has come to call me a bully."

Wanna read it? The comment that I didn't publish? Well, here you go:
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Numb":

This would be sad if it was true but unfortunately it isn't. The COS does not work the way you described, it has nothing to do with free speech etc. The truth is the same old thing happend time after time. Someone would start picking on someone on the dis, then they would go over, private message the person and say "look what people are saying about you". They would then come over to the COS and a war would start that often got drug back to the dis. It is simply an excuse to say mean things to people that they would never say to their faces. If it was about free speech why do they keep threatening to ban people? If they just want to comment why not make it a private board? I'll tell you why they tried that once and it wasn't any fun if they couldn't get the dissers to "see" the comments. If you step back and are honest with yourself you will see it's nothing but a home for bullies. Go to any page of the COS it's about nothing but putting people down. Go ahead count the number of posts that are "free and honest" discussion and the number that are hurting someone.
If you post on a site that exists to hurt people how can you expect to not get any backlash?

I don't know about you, but I have a hard time reading things without paragraph breaks. I'm not going to quibble about writing abilities, but I will address several points made in this comment.

I don't agree with most of this post, but hey, that's what happens in this world. As far as banning members of the COS, I can count maybe a dozen in the past two years. Except for three people, it was trolling. Admit it Alex, the trolls that were banned would have been dumped from your site far sooner than Bridget did.

You know, Webmaster Alex, most of the people who are what you classify as 'bullies' don't even post under their real names. You still haven't found Jay, have you? I guess I'm a bully for posting most of the same stuff in both places.

I guess you don't understand that, since you took to sending me a comment anonymously. I freely used the same name in both places. I own up to what I say. I don't hide behind anonymous. Never have, never will. I also learned a long time ago to investigate things on my own, and not take someone's word on what is going on. Especially when that person is posting 'the truth' anonymously as a comment on my blog.

What I find saddest of all is that a few were banned and then reinstated. They begged to be forgiven, and then had to promise not to post on the UnDIS. That is the coward's way of dealing with things, asking for blind adherence to your rules. Anyone emailing the Webmaster without begging forgiveness is fed static.

I'm not asking to be reinstated. I'm not going to even ask for a reason. I know the reason. It's because the bullies run the DISboards. To tell people where they can post and what they can say on other sites? Ridiculous.

For those wondering HOW I know it's Alex, well, his location and IP address showed up on my blog over 60 times in three days. The same location that posted this anonymous comment. I know where he lives, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Especially since each one of those hits looked at the Numb entry and then the comments made on it.

So, if you're googling "banned" "undis" "disboards" and are wondering where your friends are, they're probably on this list that Disney PhD has been keeping: (the numbers next to the names indicate how many posts the person had)

1 DisneyPhD- 8,515
2 PoohandWendy- 19,120
3 Poohnatic - 10,200
4 KariC- 3,009
5 Janet2K- 6,978
6 Kejoda- 10,296
7 Katerkat- 7,449
8 Becka- 15,943
9 Kribit- 2,730
10 Thats for Shore (3 times)- 2,509
11 Boomhauer- 6,459
12 WatchinCaptKangaroo- 2,197
13 Mirthmaiden- 2,916
14 Helenabear- 49,902
15 Disneyholic ***(Reinstated) ***
16 dcgrumpy- 6,029
17 suzibrat- 232
18 Kylara- 1,575
19 Miss Jasmine- 19,187
20 Bob Slydell- 11,165
21 Tiggersmom2 - 8,623
22 Kribit husband (not his name)
23 LindsyDunn ***(Reinstated) ***
24 Aidensmom- 10,763
25 Chloe'sMom- 2,456
26 ASFCurly- 7,013
27 jgmklmhem- 2,055
28 CheshireVal- 6,682
29 TiggerPiglet- 3,741
30 Queen Quinnella- 528
31 6 time momma -616
32 beagle744- 632
33 Hixski- 2,029
34 TinkerbellMama- 3,046
35 Nienor- 830
36 Mice Pins- 160
37 coqui Helenabear DH- 629
38 Art Vandalay- 1,409

**These people were banned for questioning why the first round happened and those who decided to go out in a blaze of glory because all their friends were banned.
39 Yasmia (Mmecam)- 1,850
40 Kimmie5870- 605
41 Montana Disney Fan aka Buzz- 5,798
42 Texas Munchkin- 313
43 Eclectics (FreddieFillmore)- 9,967
44 Yearbook50- 3,358
45 DisneyDotty- 2,481
46 Southern4sure- 5,718
47 ShayMaraysMom- 2,282
48 Tiziminchac- 2,815
49 Warden John -31
50 1Prince2Princesses (Robin3P) -8648
51 Sassyat30 -1,426
52 Delswife -1,262
53 Brother 32
54 Scuba Steve (Delswife's hubby) -71
55 Reeeoga- 4,138
56 Jackson66 (muzzbee)- 34
57 kayeandjim00 (AristoKat) - 2,101
58 Kaw1218 13,950
59 aplejax76 -930
60 Darlene9947 (Tink4me) -690
61 Taylorl25 -244
62 Beth76- 14,212
63 Toby'sFriend- 8,372
64 Pam- 14,029
65 The Paint Nazi (invisible posts) -83
66 Missy Mouse (disneynurse) -1,215
67 bjmach-47
68 CinderellaIam- 1,671
69 DakotaLynn- 2,935
70 Crossfamily- 10, 443
71 Nynaeve (Malkierprincess)- 787
72 Junkyard Willy (Jay Santos)- 9
73 2bemarried- 5,113
74 Tag Fairy (Am I There Yet?)- 6,600
75 Mudpuppy- 1,090
76 MitziWitzi- 40
77 Kama89- 10,666
78 BigDaddy101
79 Cass (Bree Hodge) 3,215
80 jaymie_g -49
81 VA32h- 4,673
82 Mickeyfan2- 16,138
83 New Jersey- 11,500
84 Amapola -485
85 Blondy876 - 3155
86 dreamin in pa - 796
87 PoohBearLovinMama -870
88 Mugg Mann -2,504
89 Disney4Drew-5,660
90 DVCScrapper 17
91 LeftCoaster -1,132
92 ToasterWaffle-92
93 Byrd-1,431
94 hundredacrewood -300
95 TCPluto- 2,272 **reinstated**
96 NorgeKathrine -424
97 solferino - 3,661
98 Ally_DeVille -144
99 kdibattista - 7,941
100 Glass Slipper Girl - 768
101 rascalmom -- 2,862
102 luv2crash -- 418
103 strollerpatrolmom - 2,403
104 3crazymice - 144
105 dutch_girl_scout - 1033
106 Passions71203 - 1,900
107 lunabkat -604
108 Imsorry -10,343
109 tink38 -2,295
110 Turbokitty - 2,516
111 Devil_Dog99 725
112 Al and Kate's mom - 2, 269 (10 day ban for asking why she received points.)
113 meandtheguys2 (10 day ban)
114 thop529 - 56
115 Honu -4,999
116 Acklander -1,683
117 RSoxFan - 1,063
118 sydally9367 - 2,936
119 reddixie - 397
120 MUDNURI - 5,021
121 KoalaJanie - 140
122 Nikel - 1459
123 - Disneymom3 - 8521
124 Autumnbaby9 - 1653
125 MareQ - 3912
126 mommylicious - 250
127 grlpwrd - 5,873
128 HollySox -207
129 JennymominRI 12,000
130 madysophiemom - 3,315
131 FSUMARCHIEF -1,199
132 fitswimmer - 11,824 Global ignore, can't post or be seen.
133 hydster -3,800
134 JRJStarman -55
135 CyranoJones - 1,206
136 Virgo10 - 10,062
137 tinaluis -2,932
138 SuBeat -538
139 Aunt Polly - 7,785
140 Daxx -6,586
141 paigevz 27,535
142 Auntiem03 (10 day ban) 2,152
143 sanctus - 364
144 wdw4life (30 day ban) 12,290
145 DisneyfeverTN -1,555
146 PrincessTiff 2,601
147 mugmunster -326
148 Magickndm -3,759
149 Sherbiedoo 11
150 momof3littlelilos 755
151 ladysoliel -776
152 Bichon Barb -5,600
153 Goudaman40 -762
154 lovetomow
155 Dead-metal - 350
156 fan_of_small_world - 2,254
157 salmoneous 6,467
158 Chattyaholic, 5,666
Bangate part 2
June 2008
159 marlynnp, 1,126 (bite me)

Alex, I know it was you. Now the rest of the people searching google for details has the information you keep dumping from your site. In the future, if you have something to say, don't hide behind 'anonymous'. It just makes you look like a coward. You can't ban me for speaking out, because you already did.

What makes you look like a bigger coward? Hiding behind "I can't discuss this", deleting posts, and banning any poster who asks questions regarding the situation. The smart people (smarter than you, anyway) will see that for exactly what it is: desperate measures to cover up YOUR mistake. The more I look around the UnDIS, the more it looks like you banned most of the smart people.

**ETA In August 2015, that number is now over 7,500 hits for various combinations of the following words: banned UnDIS Cos Webmaster Alex Circle of Sarcasm. Thought I'd update the stats, since I'm still getting several dozen hits a week that link to this particular page, written over seven years ago.**

**UPDATE 1/21/09** Back in late December, I mentioned a website that was streaming live webcams from WDW and how enjoyable it was to watch. It was awesome that a couple of people would share in the pleasure of their WDW vacations (Dave) or on jaunts over (Mike) with the rest of the Disney loving world.

Well, apparently, the owner of the DISboards sent them a Cease and Desist letter, stating that "Dislive.com is intended to confuse and misdirect customers seeking their website to this one." A 'few emails' to owner Pete Werner from people 'confused' by the name drove him to this action.

Pete, consider the source of those supposed emails. I didn't even know your email address worked, considering the high number of people who said they've never heard from you, despite many emails. Besides, how is dislive confusing? Do you think that DISney could have the same argument with YOUR website?

As stated on dislive: DisLive does NOT seek to confuse anyone nor was our / my intent to associate to their site disboards.

Those of you googling "Disboards" "Banned" "UnDIS" "Webmaster Alex" and permutations, bookmark Mike's website. I suspect you LOVE Disney and can live vicariously through the streaming they provide free. They're don't have to lie that they aren't affiliated with a 'dreamy' travel agency, because they don't even HAVE a travel agency!****


andy97 said…
what is going on with the banning at dis? I cant find any info on it...what is the undis? what is this OTHER website they are talking about?if they ban you does that mean you cant get to the website? how do they do that?
Suzanne said…
The UnDis can be found here:

That is the other site they're talking about. When you're banned, you can no longer post. If you clear your cookies, you can still read it, though.

Basically, anyone who went to the DIS from the UnDIS on Saturday night. Then over the course of the next couple of days, they then banned people who were not online, not even near a computer, merely for being members of the UnDIS. (Bob Slydell was at WDW when this went down.)

I'm thinking I'm the person spreading lies that Alex is talking about...
Mike Golch said…
well that fool had a lot of nothing to say.
imaginary binky said…
I have no idea what this about, but I thought it was supposed to be the happiest place on earth. Mickey is crying big, mouse tears.
Anonymous said…
I apologize for my cowardice as I try and cloak and dagger and send people to your blog from the Dis -

I know it wont change things on the disboards. But the truth, and Freedom is important, the more you know, the better!!

dont let Alex's fears of lawyers prevent you from lurking -

dont make assumptions about the Undis - see for yourself - its not what you are led to believe!!

Thanks suzanne for your suggestion, right now I'm a lurker on the undis - I read suggestions on how to get the word to the disboards, so I tried them, I may get banned for them, but hopefully it will send more Disers over for the REST OF THE STORY!!
Suzanne said…
Andy, sorry, I didn't realize the link would be truncated. I'll put it in the links block on the right hand side of the page.

Mike, Amen to that!

Sarah, I'd say so. Most of the people on this ever expanding list are nice people. All it says about the board owners is that they're not very bright.

Anonymous, I don't blame you for the cloak and dagger, since I do suspect that the reason Alex was checking out my blog frequently was to ban anyone they could.

Keep up the good fight!
Kristy K said…
I don't have the same writing ability you have so I'll simply say:


Kristy :)
Anonymous said…
Well - at least I know a little of what is going on. This sucks (and that's about as eloquent as I can muster right now). You all are missed.
Anonymous said…
Alex you dolt, some people were banned and they had never even visited the COS! Ever!!!

They only found me because I commited public Hari-kari... With everyone fun gone, it was way too boring on the DIS to even bother staying.

The DIS will never be the same again. Even if they reinstated everyone with a public apology.

Oh yeah, and they read your PM's!!!
Anonymous said…
I had the displeasure of dining on the Magic with someone who said that he was a mod on the disboards. what a sanctimonious, rambling, never STFU, a**ho*e. after two nights of his non-stop jibberjabber flapfest, we requested to be moved. they kept insisting on sweet tea, knowing that the ship did not serve ready made sweet godforsaken tea. the ship's registry is BAHAMAS, not "teh south" where sweet tea apparently runs from taps.

sorry you were banned, but good riddance to bad rubbish, yk?

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