Walk a Mile in My Shoes...

I had to say what I did the past couple of days. It needed to be in blue and white, because many of those things had been spoken over and over and weren't sinking in. They are now.

That said, anyone who has a problem with it being in print-put yourself in my shoes. If you were busting your ass while dealing with a health issue and worrying that you don't have rent money, with the situation I've got, would you do what I did?

If you don't like what I have to say, lose the link. I am serious. No one is forcing anyone to read what I'm writing. I have always been an open book, and that's not going to change. Don't read it if you're bothered by what I say.

Yes, I am crabby. I've got a new emerging health issue that probably needs medical intervention. I did some more research beyond the triage that Nurse Giggles provided before. She's going to be a damn fine nurse when she goes into practice, because I think she nailed what's bugging me damn good. Lucky me, in that she's good. Unlucky me because this hurts, even with the vicodin.

On the other front, we've had a serious conversation-one that may not have occurred if I didn't put it in the blue and white. As I said, sometimes, things need to be in print before they sink in.


daysgoby said…
The nest time you talk to the doctor, inform him of Nurse G's shortcomings. They need to know that stuff too.

(Sorry, know that's not on your mind right now. We had a situation at the hospital where I work where one of the doctors was fricking incompetent and the nurses got together and went to the board about it - it was impressive)

Thinking of you and hoping this gets better quickly
Suzanne said…
Nurse Giggles is my sister, Jess! Nights and weekends, I call her and she triages me, so I don't have to waste a trip to the ER. :)

Some doctor is going to be damn lucky to have her in his or her office someday. Even Nurse M agrees on that front.

When I first had the venous stasis ulcers, I'd called my sis to see what her opinion was-it matched the two ARNP's in the vascular department.

Now I have a decision, do I go see my GP, or do I see the specialist that we're pretty sure can handle this better? If it truly is what I suspect (and Giggles triaged), then I shouldn't bother with the GP.

It was bad enough that I was ready to detour to the ER this morning instead of going to work.

I need this like a hole in the head!

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