Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

The post I made earlier today fulfilled my Blog365 obligation. As a result, I was going to skip SSS today. However, even though I've done the 180 something consecutive post, the inner Mary Poppins told me I needed to have a Spoonful of Sugar and talk about songs that make me happy.

What makes me happy? Why, Disney songs, of course! I vividly can retell the memory of my first Disney movie: Pinnocchio at the Lynbrook theatre, 1969. I made my Dad take me out of the theatre as soon as Monstro appeared on the screen because I was terrified. However, one song stuck in my head "I've Got No Strings" and I'd sing it a lot.

In third grade, a schoolwide musical production cemented my favorite character and movie. We performed Mary Poppins. I'd auditioned without singing, but Marjory Loonin asked me to go up with her to sing because she was too shy to do it alone. That earned me a place in the chorus. I got to sing "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and "Let's Go Fly A Kite." One of the sixth graders played Mary (fitting, as it was her name, too) and her performance of "Feed the Birds" sent shivers down my spine. (It's still my favorite song from the show)

Over the years, more things Disney came along that stuck in my personal soundtrack. In 1984, Dad, Giggles and I went to Walt Disney World. It was the year of Donald's 50th birthday and we enjoyed the parade celebrating this milestone. As is typical, I can STILL sing you this song:
Happy Birthday,
It's Donald's Birthday
Happy Birthday, Donald to you

In 1980, the Tron soundtrack (so loved by Gameboy) registered on my radar, thanks to all the synthesizers.

When I began working at the Disney stores, finally, there were many like minded fans of the music of Disney. (Ed was, too, but he and I were but a small segment of the population.) A coworker, once she realized I was 'one of them' and not some retail weirdo that just happened to come work there because it was a job, made me a tape of her favorite show at WDW. Tina traveled the parks multiple times a year.

That tape? IllumiNations. To this day, it ranks as my all time favorite Disney music. When I had a cell phone that you could program ring tones into, I figured out the "Celebration" portion of it and made that my default ring. It is so ingrained in my head that when I get to view that fireworks show (easily my favorite), I can sync my photos perfectly to get the best shots. If I'm in a bad mood, 14 minutes of this will pick me up.

Also while working the store, we could only play Disney music after hours. I became a huge fan of the Legacy of Song box set and the Classic Disney Discs. Apparently, my favorites still jog coworkers memories years later-because they heard so much of two discs in particular. FTR, Legacy of Song disc two and Classic Disney, volume 2 were the ones the store owned that I played. My personal collection has a couple that made their way into the store, Classic Disney 4 and IllumiNations.

Tell me you can listen to Kirk Douglas singing "Whale of a Tail" from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and not get into it? Or the Ugly Bug Ball? Or Red Yellow Blue Blue Blue? Even our store manager, not known for being 'into' Disney, got so hooked on IllumiNations that I had to get her a copy for her home. That my friends, is magic happening!

Once the CDs get unpacked, it's time to crack some of them out. They certainly chase the blues away.


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