Time to focus on some of the OTHER Google hits

The past week has brought more traffic to the blog in one day than it gets in a typical week. Partly in response to a "Google is your friend" comment.

Anyway, there are other things that get hits on a fairly regular basis, thanks to our friend, Google. Not a lot of them, but heck, I'm about to put stuff up on eBay, so this might help. Might hurt, but what the heck!

In any event, this is almost like having an index at the back of the book. If Google's webcrawler picks these up first, then people can go right to the post in question.

Various hits, in no particular order (and I'm skipping the one that currently gets the most, because I don't want to add more to the search engine!)

** "Rack 'em and Stack 'em. I'd titled a blog entry a while back with this. Growing up within a 90 minute drive of four major (and several minor) airports, you tend to hear that phrase a lot-and know someone who works in the airline industry. I just used the phrase to describe the multiple doctor's visits I had that week.

**Unna Boot, Unna's Boot, Una Boot, Pictures. I think this one is pretty obvious, because I post about My Stupid Leg (trademark pending) quite a bit. However, if you came here to get a picture, you'll find it here. BTW, The ICD9 code is Unna Boot.

**Mike Wazowski costume. I'm not sure when I talked about that, but I get hits looking for it pretty steadily. It IS a cool costume, one that Gameboy wore for only one Halloween. Other than the feet having unusual wearing out because they were HUGE for a little guy, the thing is in great shape. My advice with this costume is to put a towel in the body of it so it really looks like Mike.

It is going on eBay in the next day or so. If you want to skip the middle man, email me with the link found in my profile. (and I'll probably add another post once I've decided what else goes up-who knows what people are looking for?

**Octipos. This entry contained a paragraph Chef Jr wrote at school about how he and I were going to have a show on the Food Network. He mispelled Octipos-apparently, a lot of people do this!

**Aquatica+Pictures. A few weeks ago, three of us visited the park and we were like the others in thinking the Aquatica website just didn't have enough pictures to give us an idea. I posted some of mine-and plan to take a heck of a lot more the next time I visit.

**Steven Banks. Again, I'd found one of my favorite shows of all time on You Tube (in 7 parts) and had to share. As is stated in Steven Banks Home Entertainment Center, "He was the greatest rock and roller of all time. Too bad nobody saw him in his prime"

**JJ Smoothy. I blogged about a business in South Tampa that has huge lettering on their entrance that states "Free WiFi", but I've yet to ever find a signal there. I've even had staffers tell me that they don't have a router. Interestingly enough, after I posted it, some person got mighty defensive on my blog. Sorry, you advertise a service, you provide the service.

That's probably enough indexing for today.


Mike Golch said…
I guess that is the fun part of google searches.I get a lot of poelpe popping in and out of my blog,unfortunaly they donot share any thought with me.

that's two,thats three,thats four.
blogger is making even harder to read the damn word verifcations.
Suzanne said…
Tell ya what-I'll pull off the moderated comments. If I start getting nastygrams again, it goes back. I'll give you a heads up, though.

One of the other blogging sites (typepad? not sure) has ones that it takes me three or four tries-every time. At least one I went to earlier for a message board told me that there are no zeros, so they were the letter o. Phew!
Jennifer H said…
It's always funny to see what Google searches lead someone to my blog. I haven't posted about them yet, but I think I have enough to make it funny now.

I'm not sure I can rival some of yours, though!

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