Thursday, May 31, 2012


I'm looking at all the stuff going on, and all the things that are on the 'to do' list for the summer and coming to a conclusion. I think it might be best to take the fall semester off.

    There are many benefits:
  • I can get all the other things I need to finish done, like clearing out a storage unit and a garage of the extraneous crap.
  • I can spend time with Chef on building his reading skills. The child is damn articulate, but that reading speed needs to pick up before high school.
  • It gives me time to work on that contracting job that's coming up soon.
  • It gives me time to develop a course from the ground up, and work on it while the kids are in school.
  • There will be time to devote to looking at those top 20 schools in my program, and even visit them if it comes down to it-without the pressure of missing class.
  • I won't feel like I'm deceiving my current school by enrolling in the program, then leaving in August.

And maybe, just maybe, the slower pace will help the Chiari issues.

They've been bad. I'm sitting here with a numb right arm, something that now happens each time I head to the laundromat. Not cool.

So far, the response from those who I've broached the subject has been positive. They know me, they know this research question will not go unanswered. At the same time, the feedback I got tonight from one is that she's been worried that I am not taking enough time to nurture my body. She's right.

So, it's not a definite, but this fall may be a brief hiatus before the next adventure.

Instead of hating the idea, it's sounding pretty good. To me, that means it's the right one to take.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Come to the Dark Side, My Child

Chef has to write a paper for school. When Ed refurbished a computer and put it in his room, he didn't consider putting a word processing program on there. (That will be fixed, thank you $15 student copies of Office). He needed to type it up and print, which is how he ended up using Ed's MacBook. He couldn't figure out why his right click didn't work. We need to do some work here, as the child needs to come over to the dark side...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

That Nice, Easy Summer I Mentioned?

Well, it seems to have vanished into thin air!

I have the Web Page Design, Independent Study, the class I'm TAing, a Meta Analysis with a friend and future colleague, a course to build from scratch to be ready for the first day of fall classes, and studying for my comp exams that are coming up the end of June.

That said, I met with the professor and a peer for the Independent Study and we're dividing the work into two halves: the study that has been completed and needs the data analyzed and the study that is about to start and needs a lot of editing and build out. While I'd be happy with either one, I'm really happy that I'll be the one analyzing the data, creating spreadsheets and crunching numbers in SPSS. I'd rather do it over the summer and become familiar with the software before fall classes, where I'll have tests on how well I can do this work.

So much for laid back, eh?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Green Mountain Grills-Daniel Boone

I know I've posted pictures of the meals I've prepared on the grill, but until a friend mentioned purchasing a Weber Spirit grill the other day, I hadn't realized that I never did an in-depth review of my grill.

As our anniversary present to each other in August, 2010, Ed and I both agreed that we wanted a good grill.  We'd purchased a gas grill when we built our house in Maryland, and it gave us a good 8 or 9 years until it crapped out.  So, the desire for one set in.\

I had a budget in mind, no more than $500.  I didn't want to cheap out this time, nor did Ed.  We visited the various retailers and weren't wowed by what we saw.  Ed mentioned going to the Outdoor store on the north end of town.  They didn't have grills, but the salesperson told us we should check out Grills Plus More on the other side of town.  

We're glad he did. 

When we walked in the door, the smell of 'que hung in the air and told us we'd come to the right place. In short order, Ron  (the owner) was chatting with us about what we wanted, that we missed grilling, did a lot of cooking already and wanted a better quality grill than what we were finding around town.

He lead us over to the grill pictured here and opened it up.  

The smell that came out of the grill spoke to me and what it said is "you WILL buy me."  Meanwhile, Ed smelled the same thing and immediately was thinking "How am I going to talk her into this one, because I WANT IT!".

Fortunately, this was Ron's display model of the Green Mountain Grill (GMG) Daniel Boone, he had a newer version to put out on the floor, so he offered us a price break and it was just a hair over the budget.  Twenty minutes later, we were loading it in the back of the van.  

We picked up GameTeen from school and made a detour to Sam's Club for some pork chops.  I had plans of loading up the entire grilling surface to find hot spots, and wound up grilling 9 chops, a package of Zweigle's white hots, and a bunch of corn.

The first grilling session

It was (and still is) ridiculously easy, easier than the charcoal and gas grills I've owned.  This grill plugs in to an electrical outlet and can be used with a generator if the power goes out, something that is a consideration in Florida, where we can see long power outages with a hurricane.

The picture below shows the hopper, which takes about 1/3 of a bag of the wood pellets you see below.  The bag costs under 20 bucks, and well, even with grilling 2-3 times a week, takes me over a month to use.  Yep, wood fired flavor over and over for less than filling up a propane tank once.

The hopper has a rocker switch to turn it on, then you press  one of the temperature buttons and it starts through the warm up cycle.  There's an auger that funnels some of those pellets into the big box and in about eight minutes, the digital indicator shows 350 and you're ready to grill.  No more guesswork on whether the charcoal is hot enough, no more worrying that things will cool off too quickly.

That digital control is something special.  The temperature range is 150 to 500 degrees.  What this means is that I can smoke something all day, or I can grill some burgers in a matter of minutes.  I like having that temperature control.

Something else to consider is that there is a fan within the heat box, which means there is convection heat-meaning food cooks quicker.  I have become spoiled by this grill and tend to use the grill before my stove most of the time.

In addition to the usual grill fare of burgers and dogs, a Boston Butt ends up on the grill once or twice a month.  I make pizza about once a week and those always go on the grill (parchment paper makes them easier to turn, but they can go on without it).  Steaks, even the turkeys for Thanksgiving have been grilled.  Ed's not a fan of turkey, but he didn't complain about it when I made them on there.

So, the outlay for a GMG is a little more than that grill you might purchase at your local home improvement store, but in the long run, my GMG has been used more in the 1 3/4 years than all of my other grills combined.   Should we move to a colder region of the country next year, I'll be plunking down money on the thermal blankets that GMG sells, because I will not give up grilling year round ever again.

Lunch for GameTeen's school, the thank you they get twice a year. Next up is pulled pork.

That picture above is my pulled pork.  It's got that smoke ring that you look for when dining in those 'que joints.  I've got a kick butt rub I created, and I found an awesome recipe for Pig Pucker Sauce (I even sent the guy a thank you email, it is that awesome).  I've got GameTeen's teachers looking forward to the end of year lunch that I'll be bringing to them next week.
The above picture shows why I prefer to use parchment, we left behind some of the pizza on the left.

If you're in the market for a grill and want great flavor and ease of use, take a look at the GMG website and find a dealer.  Go check out their wares.  It's likely you'll be like us and have one, too.

The irony?  Ed was trying to figure out how he was going to talk me into 'letting him' buy this grill, when I'm the one who uses it all the time.    I absolutely LOVE my grill.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Little Bit Extra

Tonight, an assignment was due for class.

A page holder, then a web-based resume.  However, I knew there were other assignments due for class this semester, and I'd be adding to the website.  I also knew I'd want to link to the work I created in other classes.

So, in typical fashion, I created ten pages, not two.

Hey, at least the rest of the work will be easier!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

CND Shellac Hot Chili-3 Weeks Later

Due to those posting glitches that I was getting used to earlier in the month, I posted a quick picture of my nails that promptly didn't post. Seems that there was a conflict between the iPhone and the new Blogger interface. Anyway, it will be added to the picture post I've got.

Due to my temporary financial squeeze, I'm still wearing Hot Chili from three weeks ago. Other than being obvious that my nails have grown out, the color is wearing very nicely. Take a look:

This is a color that looks good with the slight tan I always seem to have. Okay, if we're honest, the natural skin tone everyone else has that really is a tan for me. I think it wouldn't look very good with the Oompa Loompa orange fake tan stuff, but that's just me.

Friday, May 25, 2012

I Don't Think the Cat Realizes

He meows and scratches at the screen door to the lanai, as if to make his intentions clear that he wants to go out. I don't get up.

He runs to that door any time I do get up, thinking I'm going to let him out.

Then, when I happen to be over by the door, and he made it clear that he wants to go out, I open it and he just stares at the open door. I close it and walk away, with a cat still inside the house.

I wonder how long it will take him to realize that meowing doesn't work and that I'm less inclined to open that door if he doesn't go out...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cool Tools

If you are at a loss for figuring out what colors to use when designing a website, or if you're like me and really want to play around with the palette, here are two sites to check out.

First, Color Scheme Designer lets you play around with a variety of color combinations. Here, you get the tetrad color scheme I plan to use for the web page I'm making for class

Here's the reason why I love the site-click on 'Export', choose how you'd like to use the info, and you get a 'paint chip' page, complete with hex codes for each color.
Pretty neat, huh?

Then, I mentioned this new 'toy' and a friend suggested Adobe's Kuler. Their color schemes import into any Adobe product, so when I'm playing with Dreamweaver (like now), I can just import the information-without even messing with the hex! It's pretty clear why my friend (a web pro) loves it-what a huge time saver!

As much as I like my friend Sara's handiwork on the blog here, it will soon get a refresh, as I learn more about page design. Besides, those pictures at the top are all four (plus!) years old. At least it's easier than painting the whole house!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Logos and Naming

Since I started the Master's program, I knew I'd have to come up with a production company name and eventually, a logo, too.

Thing is, the name I'd love to use, the one that is personally inspiring, runs headlong against a copyright issue. I can't really blame Mr. George Lucas for not wanting people to use the term 'Jedi' with anything else that's for profit. The possibility exists that my freelance work would go out under the name I choose, so JediFrog Productions is not going to happen.

My other choice is good, but it's not what I really wanted. It doesn't lend itself to a logo easily, unless I do the name in calligraphy myself and play with Photoshop a little bit. I'm hoping to find a place that has 'productions' as part of their neon sign. That's a pie in the sky, though.

The funny part is that you don't really think about all of this stuff when you're working through the program, but it does need to be done. I know it's not required for the class, but the work that's submitted in this fashion just tends to stand out a lot more.

And I'm all about going the extra mile for these things...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Half of Six is Five

So, this semester, I only needed one class to graduate.  An elective.  Since I only needed one class, that's all I registered for.

In the past, all the paperwork I'd reviewed stated that for summer sessions, six credits is considered full time.  As a result, I assumed that if six is full time, then three would be half time-and I'd be eligible for my student loans.


Five credits is what I need for summer, and I somehow did not get the email last Wednesday that informed me I'd be dropped from my class if I didn't pony up the $1600 by Friday OR register for another two credits.    Dropped is really a misnomer, because I'm still IN the class, I just won't be able to get the grade until I pay.

And I can't pay or add the class to get a loan disbursement until I pay $1600.  That I don't have. 

And to graduate in the fall, I have to be enrolled in at least one class-but I need to take two to get financial aid.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Fresh Produce Clothing

If you're like me, when you think 'fresh produce', you probably think of tomatoes, melons, strawberries and other goodies from the farm stands or maybe your supermarket, right? Well, recently, I was turned on to Fresh Produce, the clothing company.

They contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in checking out their clothing and writing about my experience. (and I wrote something two weeks ago, but this new Blogger layout ate my post, grrrrrrr, so I'm back to it.) When I went to their website, it was hard to choose one thing to wear, I wanted at least twenty different things. (**Give me time and a regular paycheck, and I think several more things will find their way to me really soon, too.)

Fresh Produce is all about comfort, but that doesn't mean you have to give up style. Anyway, I noticed the Dreamy Wandering Tunic and it looked right up my alley. Here in Florida, you quickly learn some rules to dressing for the heat: cotton, loose fitting and comfort. The last thing you want is a shirt that sticks to you, because it will trap all that heat against your skin. At least it feels that way. So, I picked one of these in a pretty teal (that unfortunately, is sold out).

Once I made my selection, I spent the next week looking for a tank top to wear underneath it, because poet shirts like this tend to be thin, gauzy, cotton. It's great for keeping a person cool, not so great for hiding the undergarments. However, I needn't have worried, because this is a lightweight, but more densely woven shirt. It is not as thin as onion skin, which means I can skip the tank top (yay) in the summertime.

Part of the reason why I went with the tunic is that it looked like it would do double duty. Belted with a nice pair of dress slacks for work or loose with a pair of jeans or capris for a more casual look. I wore it to work twice and got compliments for the color and I've worn it with jeans, too. What I've found is that it looks better on me if it's belted, but that can just be me and my tastes. While the focus is on comfort and casual in the Fresh Produce line, this tunic definitely is wear to work worthy with dress pants. In fact, as I head into a job this fall, I think I am going to follow the rule I have had for years and buy a few more in different colors. Wouldn't you?

The best thing about cotton is that it is machine washable. However, remember that gauzy cottons are delicate, even ones like these and be sure to give it a little TLC when washing. I washed mine in cold, but tumble dried on medium heat and it has been fine.

(I will model my new favorite shirt as soon as I can get one of the men in this house to take a picture of it.)

Meanwhile, I just want to get more of the cute and comfy clothes I see on their website, like the Effortless 3/4 sleeve dress

The Swing Capri

and the Mandarin Collar Tunic

Thank you, Fresh Produce, for inviting me to try out one of your products, because I'm hooked! This is just the first of (hopefully) many comfortable, but classic clothing items that will find their way into my wardrobe.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Balance

We're 1/3 of the way through the class I'm TAing, and right now, we're in the thick of the part that is my strength, behavioral and cognitive psychology principles. I'm digging it, because educators really need to consider what motivates people to learn, how to effectively present the material, and incorporate a variety of tools to accommodate different learning styles.

However, it's not a psychology class, it's a design class-so I have to reign myself in.

At least I got to grade one of the psychology based assignments. My thought was that it'd be easier, since I was familiar with Bloom's taxonomy before I started the graduate classes. However, I'm walking the tightrope of deciding if the student got it enough, or if they're parroting the textbook. As I explained to them in Thursday night's class, the professor took points off of mine for providing TOO much information. Hey, it was a psychology assignment in a design class, I couldn't resist!

Then in tomorrow night's class, I get to talk about cognitive psychology principles. I have a wonderful professor from my undergrad studies to thank, because the way she presented the material was novel and fun-so it stuck nicely!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ice Cream For Dinner

We don't get many Saturdays where Ed is off from work, so the fact that he had one today meant we wanted to do something. Originally, I thought we'd head over to Disney, but he wasn't feeling it. Instead, we talked of getting a nice lunch and some retail therapy.

I have a list of things that need to get purchased and at the top were some lamps for our bedroom. I'm actually using my desk in here, now that I've got the iMac, and I'm finding the lamps underwhelming. Besides, in the past six months, the 'temporary' lamps we bought before GameTeen was born both broke in some way. I'd say $40 bucks for 2 lamps to last over 17 years is not that bad. So, in searching for places to buy appropriate, quality lamps, I found a place in Orlando. So, off we went.

We hit pay dirt at the store I wanted to visit, I have a nice desk lamp now, and we'll be getting two nightstand lamps next week, all Dale Tiffany inspired. We'd discussed going to the Ghirardelli shop in Downtown Disney-which is why we wound up having sundaes for dinner.

They were goooood. I mean, really good. What could be bad about having a sundae for dinner? Mine even had three kinds of fruit in it! ;)

Later, Ed and I had salads, so we just reversed the order of our meals. Besides, as a favorite sign displayed at a restaurant once displayed "Life is Uncertain: Eat dessert FIRST!"

Friday, May 18, 2012

Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging

A friend has decided to jump into the blogosphere and tonight, we sat down and talked about the things I learned along the way. (BTW, please go check out James' blog, because he's a very cool guy!) I equated it to something we learn in Web Page Design, that of creating a 'wire frame' before you build out a website. Blogging is no different, but a lot of us get into it without thinking it through.

So, wire frames. The concept when you create a site is to decide what exactly your message will be. In blogging, this translates into deciding what you want to write about, who is the audience you wish to reach and what is your end goal. I started to keep in touch with my friends out of state, and not much else. Some friends are way more successful in building an audience, get more offers for contests, to attend events on a sponsor's dime and you know what? That is perfectly okay-it just isn't why I started writing.

When you decide what your message will be, your raison d'etre for pounding out a couple hundred words in cyberspace, think about what you topics you want to explore. In web page parlance, you've got your home page, now what are the tabs you'll have, then what will be the subtopics under it? As I explained to James, I found a lot more focus and readers when I focused on writing about restaurants, about those nails of mine, I write about music. At first, to get in the routine, getting in the practice of having a topic for each day you write is a good one. (Wordless Wednesday, Haiku Friday, Saturday get the idea.) The point is, get in the habit of writing regularly, know what you generally will write about and the ideas will come.

Oh yeah, if an idea comes to you for a topic that isn't coming back around for three days-WRITE IT, then save it in draft. Otherwise, you may forget what it is when that day rolls around.

Don't be afraid to ask well established bloggers to add your link to their blog, especially if you've made a connection or have been a frequent commenter. This is one I never did, but wish I had.

Hyperlinks are your friend. Use them well, use them often.

Tags are an even bigger friend. As I explained to James, well chosen tags make it easier for your readers to find other posts of interest and can help your page come up in searches. I have about two dozen posts now that are front page in Google searches, which point to me getting it right some of the time.

Read other blogs. Don't copy their style, but sometimes, what someone else says resounds with you and sends you off on a tangent. This is good, because it means they're inspiring you to think more.

Other things we didn't talk about, but are important:

Give credit where credit is due-even overdo it a bit. Be the bloggers want as their friend, not the one who ticks others off. (Kind of like being the kind of friend you want others to be to you.)

Don't lift a sentence of someone else's blog without saying where it came from. It's just not nice, it isn't cool and if you're found out, you're just going to be run off from the blogosphere. You wouldn't want someone stealing the words you wrote, would you?

A picture is worth a 1,000 words is so true. When I started adding pictures to the blog on a regular basis, more people stopped by every day. This is one I suspect James will have NO trouble doing.

Most of all, do it because you enjoy it. If you're doing it because you want to make a living at it, that's something that less that 1/10th of 1% of bloggers achieve. If it's not fun, don't torture yourself.

Somehow, I suspect that James is going to add blogging to the list of many things he is talented in doing. I'm looking forward to seeing what he has to say. And if this post inspired you to take your own journey, let me know-I'd love to read all about your passions...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rediscovering an Old (Musical) Friend

In the past, I've mentioned a local musician, Tim Eyermann, and his band, East Coast Offering, some of the best live jazz that I was lucky to hear fairly regularly back in the 90's. East Coast Offering (ECO) was a fluid back up band consisting of a bass player, keyboardist and drummer and at that time, the lineup consisted of Bill Foster, Dan Reynolds, and Andy Hamburger.

While going to Tim's gigs meant you'd hear many songs that featured the numerous wind instruments he played, each time we saw him, we'd hear a beautiful composition by Dan, 'The Door'. When Inside/Outside came out, it was a nice treat to have the ability to hear the song whenever the mood struck.

Through the magic of Facebook, I found Dan Reynolds about a year ago and while we don't interact a lot, it is nice to see updates about what he's doing on the music front. So, late last month, he offered up a sale on his CDs and I decided it was time to get one, which showed up yesterday (forwarding delays, grrr).

Anyway, I think I've got a new jazz favorite. While it is mostly piano and sax instrumental smooth jazz styling, there are a few uptempo pieces and some very pleasant vocal tracks, too. If you're a jazz fan, click on Dan's name up there and listen to the MP3 samples of some of the tracks and I think you'll be happy you did. (Pssst, a friend who owns a record label sent me a blues and roots music care package recently, and I will share some info on that soon. Why? Because new music makes me happy, and probably makes you happy, too.)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When You're Not Looking will find.

Well, I have been job seeking, but being very selective. I wanted something part time to coincide with my fall schedule as a full time doctoral student. Nothing more than 20 hours a week. I had a couple of possibilities, but both were awaiting budget approvals.

I have one of those, as a consulting gig, starting in the middle of June. It looks like it will run a few months, I'll know better in a couple of weeks-but it builds my skills and my resume in my career. This is good, it buys me some time to find a GA position on campus.

Or so I thought.

I was approached by a friend yesterday with a permanent part time job. Again, it is a position that builds my resume in my chosen career field, but it won't start until later this summer. Sooo, I happened to get two jobs because of who I know.

That's pretty cool.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ChamPinos, Lakeland

While I adore Romeo's pizza, Ed has another place that he thinks the pizza is better-ChamPinos on Socrum Loop in Lakeland. Me? I think it is good, but Romeo's is better.

We've been a few times together, I've brought pizzas home a few times, and while it's a good basic Italian restaurant, I still love my Romeo's more. That's not to say it isn't good, the fact that I've been more than once should tell you this is at least a solid 7.5 out of 10, because I have impossibly high standards when eating Italian food out.

However, the last time I got some to-go pizzas, I saw a sign that piqued my interest, one that listed 'Beef on Wick'. Okay, that was supposed to say 'Beef on Weck', but if you're local, you are wondering what the heck I am talking about. The name comes from the Kummelweck roll, a nice, solid hard roll with kosher salt and caraway seeds on top. Purists serve it with hot roast beef, horseradish and au jus for dipping.

Behold, the Beef on Weck:

Okay, so you want to see more than the roll, right? As you wish:

The roll was spot on, and our server, Charlie, came out with a jar of horseradish with a spoon in it-Miller's, an upstate NY brand. You know, I covered that thing with the good stuff. When you're up in Buffalo or Rochester, where the sandwich is very popular, it's 50/50 whether you'll be asked how done you like your beef, so it wasn't a surprise that I wasn't asked. (ChamPinos serves theirs medium, closer to mid-well).

On the side was a perfect au jus, in that it didn't have a lot of flavor on its own, but when I dipped the sandwich into it, both were better for the addition. Slightly salty, very beefy and just the right complement to the sandwich. The fries were average frozen from a bag, so I passed them over.

Sitting across from me was a very happy Ed. He got two slices of pizza that cracked when he folded the crust. If you get it for take out, it will NOT do this, which is probably why I've been saying Romeo's is the better pie. (Plus Romeo's has a thinner crust, which is my preference). However, I could not deny the sound of a crispy crust coming from the opposite side of the table. Ed puts in on a par with his favorite LI pizza parlors, and I will say they've got a great sauce.

A word about the service. When I call in, the server that always seems to be working when I pick up our order seems to want to be anywhere but there. In fact, the last time I got a pie, I asked about the 'Beef on Wick' sign and I was told, "I don't know what comes on it." No effort to check with the cook who was maybe 20 feet away (and couldn't hear me). The time before that, I had asked another question and again, I was given the impression that I was interrupting her not busy evening at work.
However, the server we had today (Charlie), has served us before and both times, she's been cheerful and upbeat. Not sure what the deal is with the brunette that works weeknights, though. All in all, ChamPinos definitely falls into the column of 'let's go', because there's something that will make each of us happy. Champino's on Urbanspoon

Monday, May 14, 2012


I got home during a nice little thunderstorm today. As soon as I walked in the door, I needed to get on line to facilitate the class I TA.
No dice.
One hour and forty minutes, five machines and a proxy server later, I was in. Apparently, Brighthouse lost a node and it killed a lot of students' ability to access the university website. Like me.
At least it wasn't anything I did!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ms. Incompatible

Many years ago, long before I began dating my husband, I dubbed him "Mr. Incompatible". The reason? While all of our friends were buying PCs, he bought a Mac LC ii. When most of our friends bought VHS camcorders, he went with an 8mm. You know, his stuff didn't work with anyone else's.

Well, since I've upgraded to an iMac, I am now Ms. Incompatible. Let me share the issues:

1. Lion does not recognize my serial number for my copy of Final Cut Express. For a few weeks, I was wondering if I was typing the number wrong, only to find a little blurb in C Net that says "Noooo, there's a glitch in Lion that does not recognize Version 4.0 serial numbers.

Of course, the product is no longer supported, so I can't upgrade and fix the issue. Thankfully, I was able to jump to Ed's MBP to create that video for class.

2. Lion's version of Adobe Acrobat (or Flash, not sure which is conflicting) is NEWER than the version in my brand spanking new, bought it during a President's day deal on Amazon, copy of Adobe Premiere Elements. I spent two weeks trying to figure that one out, only to find that it's not me, it's Lion. I'm not installing that one on Ed's MBP, because it's new to me software that I had never used before. I'll wait until they fix the bug. and this week, I found issue number 3

3.  Nikon's software that comes packaged with all the D-SLRs does not work with Lion.  When you go to their website, you find a little press release that says they know about the issue, and then it provides a hyperlink that DOES NOT WORK, that supposedly will bring you to a fix.

Lion has been out for 10 months-where is the fix, Nikon.  I can understand a problem with #1, because the product is no longer supported.  In the case of #2, they're saying that Mountain Lion, the next OS release, is supposed to fix it.

But Nikon, help a girl out here.  Not everyone has the luxury of using a non-Lion Mac, and I hate borrowing my husband's all the time to do my work (and clog up his hard drive, too).

What's the deal?  Will I remain Ms. Incompatible?  

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rites of Passage

We don't think much about all the things that indicate milestones in our lives, but today, I got to witness two of them.
First up, a friend asked me to help her brainstorm ideas for a presentation she has to do for a prospective employer (faculty role), so I went over to her house this afternoon. Her son had thrown up the night before, but she wasn't sure if that was from the excitement he displayed while bathing last night or if he really had some virus.
>br/> It was the latter. The way we realized it is the way he just spewed forth on my arm when I was holding the little cutie. She, of course was mortified, but I've been puked on before by kids, it really is no big deal. I'm sure it'll happen a time or twenty before I'm done walking the earth.

What was cool to watch was how she quickly handled him, I handled the mess on the floor (she recently had back surgery, part of the reason I was there was to help), and with the realization that yep, he's a possible gusher, any sign of impending doom resulted in a slight 10 degree move to face the floor for little A. It's kind of cool to see a friend who is a new mom pick up on those things that save your laundry work, all the while treating her son like everything is normal and as a result, he stayed pretty calm. The look he gave me when he 'baptized' me was 'what the heck just happened?'.

It really is a testament to her (and her husband's) parenting style that baby wasn't stressed out in being sick, because mom and dad were just rolling with the punches.

Then the other rite of passage-The Prom.

GameTeen's school held their prom tonight. He wasn't interested in going, but I offered to take pictures. I've got some decent gear and a good camera, why not help out where I can?

It was also cool to see these kids all dressed up, and the staff also dressed in finery (one teacher even wore a tux for the occasion), and just see how much they're growing up. Part of the reason for offering to do them is because I know a photographer is an expense they really can't swing as a small school, but part of it is to get to sneak a peek at how pretty and handsome they all look!

There will be plenty of time to witness other passages, but today, I kind of enjoyed the fact that I got to share in two.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

This is Supposed to Be the Easy Semester

Normally, this would be the quiet week of rest and relaxation between the spring and summer semesters.
That's not the case this year. The class I TA started Monday, and each day, more stuff I need to do crops up. I'm getting the impression things will remain hectic until I walk across the stage August 4th-only to start back up two weeks later.
Which reminds me, I'm supposed to email the graduate school to move my application from one department to the other. Otherwise, I'll be considered non-degree seeking in the fall. Not exactly what I want. :)

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Lakeland Flying Tigers

Ever have those weeks where you say to yourself "I know I have something to do Wednesday, but I have no idea what that is" ? Yeah, me too-which is why I didn't realize until yesterday afternoon that it was chaperoning GameTeen's school trip to the local baseball team's home game.

Chef wanted to go, too, and I was suckered into letting him join us. (Ed told me he would have caved sooner than getting the kids in the car to drive to their respective schools, but hey, I try to be a good influence!)

I remembered the sunscreen, forgot the hats, and it was really hot-with seats facing the east without any shade! See?

Success is when only one student pukes from the 90+ temperatures and all three of us spend three hours in the sun without getting burned!
I told Chef the next time we visit the ballpark, the game will be a 6:30 start-no more 10:30 games in Florida for us.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Who, Me?

Bug-eating kitteh cracks me up.