Rediscovering an Old (Musical) Friend

In the past, I've mentioned a local musician, Tim Eyermann, and his band, East Coast Offering, some of the best live jazz that I was lucky to hear fairly regularly back in the 90's. East Coast Offering (ECO) was a fluid back up band consisting of a bass player, keyboardist and drummer and at that time, the lineup consisted of Bill Foster, Dan Reynolds, and Andy Hamburger.

While going to Tim's gigs meant you'd hear many songs that featured the numerous wind instruments he played, each time we saw him, we'd hear a beautiful composition by Dan, 'The Door'. When Inside/Outside came out, it was a nice treat to have the ability to hear the song whenever the mood struck.

Through the magic of Facebook, I found Dan Reynolds about a year ago and while we don't interact a lot, it is nice to see updates about what he's doing on the music front. So, late last month, he offered up a sale on his CDs and I decided it was time to get one, which showed up yesterday (forwarding delays, grrr).

Anyway, I think I've got a new jazz favorite. While it is mostly piano and sax instrumental smooth jazz styling, there are a few uptempo pieces and some very pleasant vocal tracks, too. If you're a jazz fan, click on Dan's name up there and listen to the MP3 samples of some of the tracks and I think you'll be happy you did. (Pssst, a friend who owns a record label sent me a blues and roots music care package recently, and I will share some info on that soon. Why? Because new music makes me happy, and probably makes you happy, too.)


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