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Hi. I am finally diving into blogging, as a friend has suggested for quite some time. I'm one of those people who thrives on being busy, so why not add another thing to the 'things to do' list?

My life provides a lot of fodder for something like this-I'm always formulating essays in my head. For a while, I was writing sample articles for a column I was going to call "A techie chick looks at life"...never went anywhere with it. Taking the time to shop my work was a daunting prospect.

So, Heather, here ya go. I jumped into the blog pool. Its just fine, thank you!

Later, musings on children with disabilities, parents with cancer, people who perform random acts of kindness and things that only a Disney freak would find interesting. Oh yeah, probably a healthy dose of laughter at my mishaps will occur. Why not? I laugh at myself ofen.