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Head Scratcher


I'm not the only one who finds this a little off, right?

MSC Cruising, Take 2

Back in April, Ed and I had a fantastic time on the MSC Divina, enjoying all the musical performances of progressive rock groups on Cruise to the Edge. While we dubbed it the 'cruise to sleep deprivation', there was no question that we'd return to CTTE and the Divina the next time that CTTE left port.

There was a bit of surprise in August. The promoter (On The Blue) was hosting another full ship charter on the MSC Divina, this time for Celtic music, but he hadn't hit the numbers needed to break even on the event, and sent out an announcement to the alums of his other charters that contained a deal too good to pass up. Put it this way: We could either eat, or pay for a hotel for 4 days for the rate we were offered.

The boys were asked 'Would you like to go on a' and we didn't even finish asking before we got excited affirmative replies, so I booked and looked forward to showing Chef and GameTeen all the things that Ed and I had talked about for six m…

Of Life, Cruises, and a Whole Bunch of Other Stuff

Seems that once you break a years-long blogging streak, you tend to think 'screw it', and don't really write very much. Not for a lack of anything to say, rather, just the habit has been broken.

Last month, we went on a trip that was a lot of fun. I uploaded the pictures to the laptop and then it wouldn't add them to my posts. There are some things kerflooey with the laptop, so I figured that I'd just upload the pictures to the iMac and I'd be good to go. Um, for some strange reason, the iMac is not recognizing the SD card slot or some of the USB plugs. So, the post still sits in draft. Next up, loading the pictures onto the OTHER laptop (the one I purchased last year and then got the older laptop fixed) and getting those pictures on that draft post and putting them up.

So yeah, trip. The promoter of the cruise Ed and I went on in April sent out a steal of a deal offer and I was of the mind that we would do whatever we could to be ON that ship. I m…