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Last day in California

Grrr, fargin Blogger. I lost the Hollywierd entry and everything else is out of order. I need to take some time to fix it-but it's really ticked me off, hence the delay in posting the rest of the trip report!

Day six-we'd originally planned to head back into LA and find Pinks, Tail of the Pup and look for some of the LA landmarks we'd heard about. However, the venture into Hollywood made us realize that it wouldn't be all that great, so we went to plan B.

A goal for the trip was to dip our toes into the Pacific. We live near the Gulf, we'd grown up near the Atlantic, so to travel 3000 miles and not do it would be dumb. After vegging in the room (which now would cost 70 bucks tonight, woohoo!), we decide to head west on Harbor Blvd. Suburban Orange county is much like LI, and similar to Florida as well. It's like LI in that towns merge into one another without any clear indication that you've entered the next one. It's like Florida in the sense tha…

Day Three-California Adventure

Day Three-California AdventureWe get down to the lobby and hop on the free shuttle over to Disney.The shuttle takes 10 minutes, and we’re at the entrance before the 10am opening.Today’s plan is visit California Adventure, as the hours don’t alter from 10-6 at all this week, but Disneyland will have later hours Friday and Saturday.Our first order of business, after entering the gates and having our pictures taken, is to get something to eat.I split a cinnamon roll with older son and Ed and younger both get rice krispy treats.What the heck, it IS cereal!The shop was rather cool-the fa├žade looked like a train.Next stop was Condor Flats, where we walk onto Soarin’ over California.The ride itself is identical to WDW’s, but the queing area is themed differently-more like an old time airplane hangar.The orange smell is different, which Ed and I figure may be due to an attempt to make them more like the local orange groves.Florida’s smells more like the oranges, and California’s smell more li…