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Disney's Art of Animation Resort Tour, part two

If you didn't see my post yesterday, I show you one of the family suites at Disney's new Art of Animation Resort, as well as provide you a bit of the background into why Disney's newest value resorts is mostly suites. Today, a little bit more history and some pictures of the 2,500 characters that can be found on the resort grounds.

When you arrive at the resort, passing the 40' retro sign that acts as the cover of their storybook, then pass through the similarly themed gate, you will be directed to the parking at Animation Hall.  Those who have stayed at Pop Century will realize that this building is a mirror of the Classic Hall found at the sister resort across Hourglass Lake, at least in layout. 

Once you walk through the entrance, you will find the Ink and Paint shop immediately to your left, which you will have to pass through to get to the Landscape of Flavors and Colors food court. This is where you will really notice that things have changed in several ways.…

Disney's Art of Animation Resort

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of joining Deb Wills and the AllEarsNet team on a tour of the new Disney Art of Animation resort. This new Disney value resort opened May 12th, where the "Heritage Years" was supposed to open.

However, in the ten years since that project was put on hold, Disney noticed their guests needed rooms to accommodate more than 4 people, a segment that had previously had to either book two rooms, get a moderate hotel room to sleep 5 or to keep costs in line, seek a place to stay off-property.

Instead, they decided to pilot test 'suites' in the All Star resorts that slept 6 comfortably. The pilot was a huge success, and led to plans for Art of Animation to have three sections of family suites. However, the story doesn't end there.

Story is actually the perfect word here, for this is the first location on property where guests book their room by 'story', choosing from Cars, Finding Nemo, or Lion King (opening August 10th) for…

Texas Roadhouse, Lakeland

It was my birthday a few days ago and Ed decided that he was taking me out on a date to mark the occasion. (Oh, and I got some nice Star Wars items for my desk, which was really nice.) I wanted steak, considered getting the free one offered at Texas Cattle Company here in town, but I was told that they a la carte you to death. While I'd have a free porterhouse, the sides and drinks would net us a $70 check. No wonder they don't have prices on their website! Now that I checked out the Urban Spoon reviews, I see that the feedback my friends gave me is similar to what other reviewers have to say.

So, I wanted steak. I perused the dozen or so birthday emails I'd received from restaurants, because I'm thrifty that way. For some reason, I thought I had one from Outback, but I didn't-but I did have one from Texas Roadhouse. One opened up on the other side of town in early spring, and we'd considered going, but a couple we know had complained about lousy fo…