Lots to write about, but not up to it.

We spent two days in Daytona, and I have two more restaurants to write about. Tonight, I went to a restaurant in Ybor to meet with a friend and damn if he didn't nail an amazing one. (I've yet to encounter a dud over there, BTW.)

However, I had that long-awaited MRI today and this one knocked me for a loop. I had a headache that was a 4/10 before I went into the tube, was about an 8/10 afterwards and well, the magnetic field just hammered my balance and left me woozy. It was a darn good thing I had that dinner date with my friend James, because I certainly wasn't good for an hour drive home!

I have a follow up in a week, but this is one image from today's film. The software doesn't work on a Mac, so I captured images and emailed them from Chef's computer. However, I now know what I'm supposed to be seeing on the cross section, so I'm about to go look at the nerve compression on between C5 and C6.

Does it surprise you at all that I am trying to see what the doctor is going to tell me next week?


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