Final Project

I thought my final project for my web design class was due on the 13th. The instructor posted two days ago that it was due on the 9th for peer review, then the peer reviews had to be finished by the 13th and the modified project will be due on the 19th.


Add to this that I needed a real client, who either needed a new website from scratch OR someone whose page needed some major modifications. Ironically, I looked at a friend's business page that day because he asked me to like his Facebook page. The page looks like he created it in the late '90's, but I know it was done three years ago. However, he knows how to build web pages-so he didn't need me to do it.

My future employer would have welcomed my suggestion for some extra pages to their website, but they'd just spent the day at their web designer's office. So, when I saw an old friend online who has his own small business, I pinged him on Facebook.

"Hey, do you have a website? If not, would you like one?"

"Yeah, but I don't have the money to pay someone to build one."

"What do you want on it?"

With that, we hammered out four pages he wanted and needed for his small business and was off. I immediately had ideas for the logo, found some royalty free images and have some good ideas of where I'm going with this. It's not always the case, but when you have a client you've known for over twenty years, it makes some of the decision making easier.

So the design part is really easy this time. Let's see if the build goes as quick as a newbie web designer thinks it can!


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