I Love When Surprises Work Out!

I have two friends who have become pretty close to us in the past year, so when the husband mentioned having a surprise party, we were in.

However, he and his wife work together, so trying to pull off a surprise event is especially hard. Not only do they work together, but they're opening a second location of their business. so they're traveling over to Tampa every day to work on the progress of that. Long hours, for sure-and he can't exactly do party planning when she's right there.

Somehow, she was totally surprised. I kind of knew we probably had it in the bag when I made a comment about 'a friend' (the husband) sending me to Hobby Lobby on an errand and we spent an hour in there. I'd never been before, Ed had never been before, but we found a lot of things we liked. Dangerous place, that Hobby Lobby. Well, the wife commented on my Facebook thread and it was obvious she was in the dark. Sweet.

Anyway, happy 40th, Amy! Glad you were surprised-and I'm happy to call you my friend. :)


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