Due to a lack of either a. time or b. money or c. fear that he'd tell me I needed immediate surgery, I've put off the annual neurologist appointment for a while-like I'm a year overdue.

The issues have not gone away, in fact, now that I keep track of them on a regular basis, I can see that things have gotten worse than when I first saw the neurologist three years ago for my chronic issues.

Unlike my vascular surgeon, though, I don't have a direct line to the doctor or nurse practitioner, so I had to take 'first available', which was July 10th. Thankfully, after several phone calls, I was able to get it moved up to July 5th.

I'm not sure whether I'll be sent downstairs for the MRI or I'll have the MRI and EMG scheduled for another day soon, but I do know that I'll be asking for a TENS unit, since most of the therapy options he prescribed a while back are not feasible for a Chiari patient.

Answers would be nice...


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