Suzanne the Editor

I gained a reputation early in my College 2.0 experience of being a writer. Thanks to the blog, writing does not intimidate me. I know I am a bit nitpicky on writing rules, and this quickly translated into fellow students asking me to edit their work.

Then I started the grad program, and my first group assignment, the other two ladies in my group were all too happy to find that I wanted to write the summary of our site evaluation. These two women, very articulate people, told me they absolutely hated writing. I don't get the hate, but it's fairly common. Anyway, word spread once again that I like to write.

Then came TAing. One of my roles each week was to check the online content before we released it to the students. Every week, I would make modifications to the text that would be posted, because there were minor syntax errors or things just didn't flow properly. In the summer, we dramatically revised the content, and again, I made changes-but a lot more than in the past.

Last week, I had a professor ask me to edit a proposal. A pretty important document, honestly. The email sent stated "you are the most detail oriented writer I know" and he hoped I would say yes.

So, the past two days, I've worked on something pretty intense and at the same time, my mind is somewhat blown that a professor wanted my insights for writing. At this level, you never stop to think that a skill you possess isn't part of everyone's toolbox.

This fall, I decided to apply for a position in a research class, that asks for students with various skills. It was my intent to request writing content, though I could do the web development piece now. After this experience, I realize that I probably will end up with that role-and that makes me happy.


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