Every Four Years

I wanted to watch the Olympic opening ceremonies tonight. While I don't watch a lot of TV, this is one thing that I've been watching since '76 In more recent years, work typically cut into my viewing time.

Tonight, though, I had conversations with friends while watching the events, and cracked up at the comments. (Though I think it was unanimous that we wanted to put muzzles on Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera, because they did. not. SHUT. up!) Bob Costas mentioning the murders in Munich was a welcome tribute.

What was interesting is that I'd heard about the Beijing opening ceremony, but I was working the last full time job I had, in a career I no longer will ever be a part of again. This was brought to mind when Chef was commenting on the events on screen.

It's interesting to think back and tell you where I lived, and roughly what I was doing as each Olympics has opened. Think about it-what were you up to during the last summer Olympics?


JW said…
I found Matt and Meredith annoying myself. Not so much in the talk but more in the nonsense jokes they said. Just AWKWARD and terrible.

I saw the China opening Olympics. Just a very high version is all it was. While it was expensive it is nice to see a little something more down to earth.

I couldn't help but think of the 99% crowd when the industrial revolution scene began to take shape. I should have went to twitter to see who is saying what about that one. Then women's suffrage, I thought the commentator's might say something about that, being NBC, but nope, not a word.

I am always amazed at the work, creativity and manpower it takes to put on such an event and to tie it into the Olympics. It causes a brain overload in my mind.

Suzanne said…
I came into it just as the Mike Oldfield segment began, and the two of them kept talking, and talking, and talking some more. You're right, they said nothing about suffrage!

It is mind boggling. I read a stat on BBC's website last night that each performer had spent at least 150 hours rehearsing their portion!

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