The Black Sheep, Daytona Beach

Last year, our first night of our Daytona vacation found us at this nice pub near Ormond Beach. We're over here again and when dinner time rolled around, we decided to head back to a known quantity.

(My apologies for the lack of pictures-I took them, but they're not uploading).

Anyway, Daytona seems really quiet today, and it extended to the Black Sheep, because there were less than a dozen people in the place when we walked in. This meant we had the pick of tables and a very attentive server.

The menu is full of traditional British pub standards, like bangers and mash, Shepherd's pie, fish and chips and liver and onions, as well as traditional American bar food of burgers and sandwiches. At a pub, you want beer, and they've got over 21 of them on tap-so Ed got a Newcastle Brown. It's hard to come by on tap, and he was pleased.

As for our meals, we were all set with some delicious choices. GameTeen had some homemade fish and chips that looked fantastic, Chef got a Philly Cheesesteak that he complained had a lot of onion and hardly any cheese. Ed sampled it and agreed.

My meal was a corned beef sandwich, which they make every day-and you can tell this was not out of a cryovac bag. Served on rye with a side of fries, it was a nice, satisfying meal.

Ed chose the meal I was considering, the hot open roast beef sandwich. Three generous slices of roast beef top some toast points and mashed potatoes and are topped with ample amounts of a rich, dark gravy. He emptied that plate and didn't offer me any. That's his new favorite.

When you're not a local, it can be hit or miss in dining choices, but we've been here twice in just about a year and both times came away full and happy with the meals we enjoyed.

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