Gogos Greek Grill, Tampa

Deja vu?

Yes, I had a Gyro while in Daytona last week. Heck, I'd probably eat Greek food every day, if I had enough decent options in Lakeland. I don't, which means that if I'm driving along Kennedy Blvd, near West Shore, I'm hungry, and there's a sign for a Greek place I haven't tried (Neon, even-but it was daytime), then you can bet money I'm stopping.

Gogos Greek Grill is definitely in the camp of "I'm glad I stopped." It's a quick casual that does for Greek what Chipotle and Qdoba do for Mexican food-elevates it beyond fast food. The menu is limited, but there are enough variations that one can get their fix of this cuisine, even if their favorite isn't there.

It's a good sign when you walk in the door of a place, just after opening, and the tables are topped with 'to go' orders and a half dozen employees are grabbing these huge orders and hurrying to deliver them. The smells were spot on for Greek food, but I was in the mood the basics, and that's what I got.

Meals come in a white or wheat pita, a grecian wrap, bowl or salad. I opted for a whole wheat Gyro 'side by side' with a Greek salad. Both were assembled in front of me, with the server asking me my preferences. No picking olives off my salad today, thanks.

My bill came to $11.00,which was kind of steep for lunch, but considering how much food I got, it was actually pretty reasonable. I had about a third of each, had some salad as a late afternoon meal and will probably finish the Gyro in a little while.

Flavors were solid, gyro meat was most and full of good season. My only quibble was that the way my gyro was wrapped meant that most of the tsitsiki ended up on the wrap and not in the wrap. (I think next time, I'll ask for it on the side, and remove that problem.)

The baklava looked very good, but I am so in love with Bosphorous' presentation of this treat that I skipped it. That was probably a good thing, considering the quantity of food I was served.

Maybe next time, considering it's right up the block from Lakeshore Learning, and I think I'll have a need to visit there on a regular basis. Gogo's may end up becoming a Tampa destination for me if I need a Greek fix!

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