Dimitri's Artisan Sandwiches, Ormond Beach

If anything, I know I can walk into a Greek restaurant and come out full. No matter where I am traveling, it's a known quantity and will remind me of being a kid, thanks to the plentiful diners and Greek restaurants on Long Island So, when in Daytona, when hunger hit, the call of Dimitri's was too loud to pass the place by, and I'm so glad we went!
Service is top notch, we had an attentive waitress who was fun to talk to, and she knows her cuisine so well, because she not only has been a server, she's cooked for Dimitri, too. Our choices were met with approval and at the end, I think we were a little bummed that we were too full for dessert, because everything was so good!

Something that you must try is their Feta Fries. They're coated in Dimitri's homemade Greek dressing and given a generous helping of crumbled feta. These could be a meal on their own and they are hard to resist!

GameTeen wanted shrimp and these looked fantastic. He enjoyed them, and Dimitri's gets kudos for having several options for the less adventurous eater.

I opted for something a little different and went for a chicken gyro. It had marinated little medallions of chicken instead of lamb, and the pita was stuffed with lettuce tomato and a lovely, garlic infused tsitsiki. Fantastic. Also served with it was a bowl of Avoglomo (Lemon Chicken) soup, and that had a nice delicate balance of flavors. (Oh, the gyro reheated nicely the next day)

I didn't get a picture, but Chef had this amazing Pastitsio that was HUGE! He ate half, then Ed had the other half later in our hotel room (He was under the weather, so we brought food back. My kids don't like zucchini or squash, the pastitsio is served with it, and I enjoyed the veggies, sauteed in just a bit of olive oil and seasoned with oregano, salt and pepper. Sooo good.
All around, Dimitri's gets high marks-good food, good service and the bonus of having Greek on the beach? We will definitely return when we visit Daytona next time! Dimitri's Artisan Sandwiches (At the Beach) on Urbanspoon


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