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New Moon Sushi, Lakeland

Yes, I've written about New Moon before, under their old name. This is our go-to for sushi in Lakeland and we tend to visit a couple of times a month. Now that they've completely changed over from Shingetsu since purchasing it from Kay last year, I noticed the Urban Spoon listing had one vote and no reviews. So, link to old review, more pictures and words about this sushi place that makes me worry about what we might find when we move away from Lakeland in a few years. This sushi is THAT good.

It's hard to believe, but it has been nearly a year since Kay sold Shingetsu, but I'm happy to say that she left her restaurant in capable hands. We've been at least a half dozen times since the change and would have been a few more (if they were open for Saturday lunch, that is). The sushi is fresh, with several new favorites for Ed and me, especially the Louisiana roll. For a while, the menu had all of the Shingetsu options, plus the additions from the new owners. …

When Do You Wear These Together?

A question: When is it most appropriate to wear these two clothing items together?

Clothing article A:

And clothing article B:

The answer?

Never. Especially when article A is tucked into article B!

Yes, this is an outfit I saw on campus today. I did not take a picture, but was a little bit surprised to see it.

CND Shellac Grape Gum

I came back from my cruise with ultra long nails. Yesterday, I had Mandi trim them down and picked Grape Gum to cover the nails.

There's a layer of purple glitter over it, to add a bit more shimmer.

Alas, I knew it was too good to last. I'd gone far too long without a nail breaking. This was three hours later:

Wouldn't be so bad, but I have an interview tomorrow afternoon...

Too Good to Be True Contests on Facebook

A guide to whether you should 'like' that contest post from Walt Disney World, McDonalds, or whatever big name is running a 'contest'.

The real deal:

A scam one:

Many of these pages are there to build likes, then later change the name to something else and sell it to others with ready likes built in.

If you've liked a page to win free Disney tickets, a cruise, or anything else that just seems too good to be true, I suggest you go into your Activity Log, click on 'Likes, then "Pages and Interests', then scroll through to make sure what you've liked is actually stuff you're interested in the page. Remove yourself from anything that doesn't interest you.


Our first night aboard the Cruise to the Edge, as pink badge attendees (more details on that later), we had a relatively light schedule. We attended the Saga Sailaway show, enjoyed some time aft on Deck 15, watching Miami fade into the distance, had a nice dinner in the Black Crab dining room, then attended a show by Italian Proggers PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi), as both of these shows did not require a pink or blue badge.

Afterwards, we wandered around. I'd had some video recording duties, but the venue I was going to after the PFM show was way too crowded for me to get in amidst all those attending to set up tripods and gear and sit on the scooter, so we headed to the Golden Lounge.

Within moments of arriving, Ed had the surreal moment of witnessing Eddie Jobson introduce Gary Green to Patrick Moraz. Yes, I understand that means nothing to you, but here is the moment.

While this was going on, there were many other performers in the lounge, and we hung out for a while. …

Images From the Cruise

View of Miami-lunchtime, aft Deck 14

View of Miami-Saga Sail Away on Deck 14

Just exiting the channel from the Port of Miami-aft, Deck 15

Look the water is blue! 1 mile off South Beach, aft, Deck 15

Pilot boat dismissed, returning to Miami, aft, Deck 15

Moored in Cozumel, from Deck 14

Moored in Cozumel, from Deck 14

The MSC Divina, from Cozumel

Coconut palms, in Cozumel's only mall

Sunset over Mexico, Wednesday night

Setting sun, leaving Cozumel, Thursday night

Understanding why people enjoy cruising so much, Thursday night

I think I took too many pictures,but I don't care

Best Vacation EVER, Thursday night

Detour on the way home, Saturday morning

2014 Cruise to the Edge - Performers

Honesty first: This will be a brief overview that will eventually link to more in-depth posts about some of the bands that performed on the 2014 Cruise to the Edge. Just figured I'd get that out there first, okay?

If you look at this 'poster' for the event:

You might recognize one or two bands that performed. Recognize five or more, then hello there, fellow prog fan! Yeah, so this means that it was not going to be your ordinary cruise and it was not going to be populated with those who have a preferred station on the radio that plays all their favorites, all the time.

Nope, prog fans are used to not seeing their favorite bands play sellout crowds in arenas, or hell, even getting to see their favorite bands perform live. As a result, this cruise was like Mecca-the opportunity to have all prog, all the time. On the DEFCON scale, Ed would be one of those solid 5's-he is well versed, keeps up on the new releases, who is playing with what band nowadays. He even …

Cruising on the MSC Divina

I am no longer a 'cruise virgin', having just spent five days on the MSC Divina. From the comments I've seen on a few travel boards and from the returnees to the Cruise to the Edge charter, several were not impressed-while others had nothing but good things to say. This truly nets down to how people are on terra firma, in my opinion.

With that being said, what my experience was aboard the Divina will differ from others. Things that others didn't like, I may have enjoyed and vice versa. Also, there are things that those who travel in a wheelchair/scooter tend to encounter that others will not.

Arriving at the port, we pulled up to Terminal F, with the intent of dropping off all our bags (checked and unchecked), me, and my scooter. That did not happen, the porters told us we could only drop off the checked bags and had to go park. It was interesting schlepping from parking near Terminal G with our carry on items and pillows back to Terminal G.

On the return, ho…