I Think I'm Gonna Need a Bigger...


This basket contains about 90% of the paper content gained in courses for my M.Ed degree. (There are a few things stored elsewhere). Granted, I made a lot of audio, video, and content that are electronically housed.

Halfway through my second year of my doctoral program, this is the tub I bought today to house all the papers I have collected. Mind you, one of my textbooks is 1,500 pages, so I opted to get the PDF version of it, and only print out every 5th chapter. To do literature reviews and dissertation proposals, though, one has to annotate many peer-review journal articles, and for those, I also try to highlight PDF files on the iPad and make notes in a rather large spreadsheet.

This is not always ideal, as I may want to note things in the body of the article, so I do print out more than I'd prefer to do. The home printer prints in duplex, so I haven't even gone through the case of paper that I bought this time last year (just opened the 3rd ream, in fact. So, while at Staples looking for more storage boxes for my office space, I thought the bigger tub would be more than sufficient.

My stuff doesn't fit. (the stuff outside the box is just for the ONE class this semester.)

I have 8 more classes and perhaps two semesters of research and dissertation writing and editing. Guess I need to get more boxes, and maybe break them out into years of the program to better locate articles later.

Once I get that squared away, there's the small matter of the bookshelves. They seem to be overflowing, too-and that doesn't even include my pleasure reading that never got unpacked from the last move, lest I be tempted to crack open a favorite book to read, instead of lit review reading...


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