New Moon Sushi, Lakeland

Yes, I've written about New Moon before, under their old name. This is our go-to for sushi in Lakeland and we tend to visit a couple of times a month. Now that they've completely changed over from Shingetsu since purchasing it from Kay last year, I noticed the Urban Spoon listing had one vote and no reviews. So, link to old review, more pictures and words about this sushi place that makes me worry about what we might find when we move away from Lakeland in a few years. This sushi is THAT good.

It's hard to believe, but it has been nearly a year since Kay sold Shingetsu, but I'm happy to say that she left her restaurant in capable hands. We've been at least a half dozen times since the change and would have been a few more (if they were open for Saturday lunch, that is). The sushi is fresh, with several new favorites for Ed and me, especially the Louisiana roll. For a while, the menu had all of the Shingetsu options, plus the additions from the new owners. Now, it appears that it is down to a manageable 2 page list of choices, as seen below.

The reason for our trip yesterday was the Louisiana Roll-it was calling Ed since the last time we were here. I'd gotten it and as you can see, it is large-he got the last three pieces and lamented that he'd chosen poorly. Mind you, he'd been raving all through eating that roll, which I also thought was really good!

Many rolls have cucumber or avocado, two things Ed won't eat. This roll is perfect: Shrimp, asparagus, cream cheese, and krab rolled, then topped with baked spicy crab, crawfish, spicy mayo, and unagi sauce. To be honest, suggest this roll to me when I say I don't feel like sushi and you just might change my mind!

To be honest, the way to get me to eat sushi is usually the specialty rolls. This time, I actually went simpler. I was all set to get the Shrimp Roll, but I saw that the crunch roll was the same with spicy mayo. Unagi and spicy mayo together? Sign me up. Strangely, there was no crunch, but I really only wanted the spicy mayo, so it worked out well.

I don't know why, but at some places, you get the wasabi and it doesn't make your eyes bug out of your head like it should. New Moon's wasabi has never had that problem! I can count on it to help me clear out my sinuses clogged from 7.5 pollen counts for several weeks in a row.

On top of that, whether sitting at the sushi bar or getting a table, the service is always very good. When busy at night, the servers will tag team to ensure you have what you need. At lunch, we see the same person, and she's efficient and friendly.

It bears repeating: we worried when we'd heard that Kay had sold Shingetsu. Now it's clear that we had no need to do so. New Moon is a new name, but still our first choice for sushi in Lakeland.

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