Images From the Cruise

View of Miami-lunchtime, aft Deck 14

View of Miami-Saga Sail Away on Deck 14

Just exiting the channel from the Port of Miami-aft, Deck 15

Look the water is blue! 1 mile off South Beach, aft, Deck 15

Pilot boat dismissed, returning to Miami, aft, Deck 15

Moored in Cozumel, from Deck 14

Moored in Cozumel, from Deck 14

The MSC Divina, from Cozumel

Coconut palms, in Cozumel's only mall

Sunset over Mexico, Wednesday night

Setting sun, leaving Cozumel, Thursday night

Understanding why people enjoy cruising so much, Thursday night

I think I took too many pictures,but I don't care

Best Vacation EVER, Thursday night

Detour on the way home, Saturday morning


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