Thursday, August 31, 2006


Lots to be annoyed about, let's see what you think.

First up, I paid the phone/cable/internet bill online on August 3rd. All of the info is saved into my online profile, so I know it's correct. Funds were in the account (with plenty to spare at that time). I get a confirmation email that they received the payment, but they never deduct it from my account. This week, internet is shut off-they say they never received payment. I look it up (love online banking) and see that they never took the money. Hmmmm.

I call and spend two hours in hold hell, transferred to another person hell, getting people who don't understand why I got transferred to them hell and then back to the original department hell. I spend 1.5 hours on the phone, only to get disconnected. Call back and start over. I vent my spleen at the first person, then apologize. I'm transferred AGAIN, and I tell that woman from the get go why I'm being such a bitcch. She's good, she takes my cell number first and promises that she'll call back if we get disconnected. Then, when she realizes that she would have to put me on hold, tells me to hang up. She calls back in 20 minutes and gets service restored in an hour.

So after this, I'm not so happy about being on hold, but it happens again with my mortgage company. If I hear two bars of their crappy hold music again, I promise you that I will go off the deep end. Thirty minutes of looping yesterday. I know I was looped and 'dinked' by the rep that may have gotten my call because the message cycle started over THREE times. GRRRRR. Calgon, take me away.

And I am writing this from the dealer. Why? After two weeks with my car, the float in the gas tank had been stuck, indicating I was between 1/4 and 1/3 tank even though I'd driven 150 miles. Last Monday, they 'fixed' it-now I'm being told my tank is full even though I've driven 225 miles. While it'd be very nice to have an always full gas tank, I doubt that it is even close to full. The corker on that one was that I got my car back and it reeked of gas. Still does, 10 days later.

The Service Advisor feels really bad that he's seen me so much. The car is being detailed along with the repair today. He should-the tech gave him my car with the windows down, AC full blast and sunroof open. That should have been a clue that someone goofed.

Can vacation get here already?

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Seems I have a back door in, so I'm taking advantage of it. I can't get to the dashboard, but I'm not worrying about it .

The car: The dealer had it for two weeks. The check engine light came on after changing out myriad fuses. Ultimately, the gas tank and evaporator cylinder were replaced. I got the car back and returned the Nissan (still don't like them). The SA told me they filled the tank, but when I started up the car, it said 1/3 full. Hmmmm. I drive it for three days and the gas gauge barely moves, even with me driving 150 miles. We fill it-and it only takes 4 gallons.

Back to the dealer, where the float for the gas tank is replaced. When I got the car after spending two weeks at the dealer, it had the shop smell. Now, it reeks of gasoline. Ew.

The kids: We started scouting off with a bang. At the first meeting, we were invited to a picnic that Saturday. Ed and the boys went and won tickets to a ball game the next day. Sunday was spent at the ballpark. It was fun and we had to promise younger a return trip to catch a foul ball.

Work: business is picking up now that the kids are back to school. This is good, as most of my salary is determined by sales. :) However, now that projections have Ernesto making a beeline towards Tampa Bay, I think business is going to suffer.

Ed's Mom and sister left for their cruise yesterday. Yes, with a storm brewing in the gulf. I have a feeling the ship won't make it to most of the destinations this trip.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Fargin blogger!

I haven't neglected the blog, more like Blogger hasn't allowed me to post!

They seem to have a glitch in the system. I'd decided to add a blog for Ed and I to post opinions of wines we've tasted and food critiques. The first 'name' I chose was shot down-try again. So I did, and surprise, I found two blogs with the two names I chose. hmmm.

Ever since, I haven't been able to access. I get the darn 'unknown error' message. Blogger sent a list of not so helpful links that don't quite address my issue (nor is it a *known* problem).

I did blog an entry into Word two weeks ago, and if this is successful, I'll post that shortly. It's mighty frustrating to not have my writing outlet.

Meanwhile, let me see if I can delete the rogue (possibly duplicate) blog address and post *something* to this thing!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

trying to access this sucks

Well, Blogger appears to be unable to allow a user to have multiple blogs. I haven't been able to sign in since I created the second blog. I keep getting error messages when I try.

Cutting and pasting the blog entry that I had to write in word:

Blogger’s down. I’ve been trying to blog for a week with no success.

Added a blog, which Ed and I will team on. It’s called yum, and you can find it at So far, it’s only got the first post because of the blogger issues and Ed’s not on it-but that will change.

Car is in the shop-again. Got it back and within 24 hours, the check engine light was on. I called the dealer and brought it back the next morning. Friday, still not fixed and the service advisor and I talked in the afternoon. Luis said it’s just a sensor, it will be fine to drive up to Jacksonville. Well, sometime between that conversation and Ed coming to get me to take me over there, Luis appealed to the boss to get me a rental-stating that if it were his car, he wouldn’t make the trip.

I got a call back, head over to Enterprise for the rental car. We drove that up to Jacksonville-and I still have it. Nissan Altima-yuck, but better than the original choices of a Hyundai or a Toyota Corolla. I heard another customer getting a PT Cruiser-I’d have liked that one.

The trip to Jacksonville was brief, but productive. We helped Donna with various computer stuff, went out to dinner at Fridays and had some unwanted excitement with a step that fell off her stairs as we were walking down them! Then we stayed over and left around dinner time Sunday.

The trip back was good. The month before last, we’d had an item on our menu that called for pesto. Every time I worked in that station, I’d start jonesing for Pizzeria Uno’s 4 cheese pizza. Alas, the nearest one to us is Orlando-and the nearest to Donna is Daytona. Inspiration struck when we were traveling I4, and we were sated with Pizza Skins and that yummy 4 Cheese!

This week has been work work work for me. My assistant is on a well deserved vacation, and I don’t have a keyholder-yet. So, I’m pulling all the hours we’re open this week. Today is a vegging day, since I don’t have to be there for another hour.

Since the post, I worked another three days and now have three days off. Woohoo. Sputnik's still at the dealership.

If you're on Blogger and try to add a blog-MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT. Ed backdoored into this one and the only way to delete one is to delete them all. Not likely. I think I've got to contact them to do it.