Lots to be annoyed about, let's see what you think.

First up, I paid the phone/cable/internet bill online on August 3rd. All of the info is saved into my online profile, so I know it's correct. Funds were in the account (with plenty to spare at that time). I get a confirmation email that they received the payment, but they never deduct it from my account. This week, internet is shut off-they say they never received payment. I look it up (love online banking) and see that they never took the money. Hmmmm.

I call and spend two hours in hold hell, transferred to another person hell, getting people who don't understand why I got transferred to them hell and then back to the original department hell. I spend 1.5 hours on the phone, only to get disconnected. Call back and start over. I vent my spleen at the first person, then apologize. I'm transferred AGAIN, and I tell that woman from the get go why I'm being such a bitcch. She's good, she takes my cell number first and promises that she'll call back if we get disconnected. Then, when she realizes that she would have to put me on hold, tells me to hang up. She calls back in 20 minutes and gets service restored in an hour.

So after this, I'm not so happy about being on hold, but it happens again with my mortgage company. If I hear two bars of their crappy hold music again, I promise you that I will go off the deep end. Thirty minutes of looping yesterday. I know I was looped and 'dinked' by the rep that may have gotten my call because the message cycle started over THREE times. GRRRRR. Calgon, take me away.

And I am writing this from the dealer. Why? After two weeks with my car, the float in the gas tank had been stuck, indicating I was between 1/4 and 1/3 tank even though I'd driven 150 miles. Last Monday, they 'fixed' it-now I'm being told my tank is full even though I've driven 225 miles. While it'd be very nice to have an always full gas tank, I doubt that it is even close to full. The corker on that one was that I got my car back and it reeked of gas. Still does, 10 days later.

The Service Advisor feels really bad that he's seen me so much. The car is being detailed along with the repair today. He should-the tech gave him my car with the windows down, AC full blast and sunroof open. That should have been a clue that someone goofed.

Can vacation get here already?


Anonymous said…
Well, happy anniversary, anyway... DMooch/CitiKnight

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