Fargin blogger!

I haven't neglected the blog, more like Blogger hasn't allowed me to post!

They seem to have a glitch in the system. I'd decided to add a blog for Ed and I to post opinions of wines we've tasted and food critiques. The first 'name' I chose was shot down-try again. So I did, and surprise, I found two blogs with the two names I chose. hmmm.

Ever since, I haven't been able to access. I get the darn 'unknown error' message. Blogger sent a list of not so helpful links that don't quite address my issue (nor is it a *known* problem).

I did blog an entry into Word two weeks ago, and if this is successful, I'll post that shortly. It's mighty frustrating to not have my writing outlet.

Meanwhile, let me see if I can delete the rogue (possibly duplicate) blog address and post *something* to this thing!


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