Sunday, October 26, 2014

Inspired to Build a Community

Friday afternoon, lunch break. I had just sat down in the break room, laptop in front of me with plans of banging out another page on this literature review that has been all consuming lately. My phone rings, and strangely, it's my friend, Jenn. She honestly has NEVER called me in the middle of the day.

The reason for the call is one of her coworkers, whose son is, like GameTeen, on the Autism spectrum. Alas, the coworker has no local support network. To be honest, I don't, either, but I've cobbled a pretty good one on the Internet over the years. 'M' and her husband need help in finding an appropriate school for their son, as the local school district hasn't met the son's needs. They've mirrored our path through the educational system, with their son clearly needing a one to one aide. The school district keeps on stating that their son must stay in a school which triggers meltdowns. Not very logical.

They've contemplating moving, as they both are professionals that can find work in their respective fields anywhere in the US. The question is where might they find the right schools, clinicians, and support community? Not a simple task, as there are no known resources from any of the national associations that attend to their son's diagnoses.

So, the three of us met for lunch, and talked things over. The simple answer that came to mind is to pull together the people I've met over the years in a Facebook group and share what we know. It isn't an answer, but it's a start.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


One of my friends and fellow coworkers is a volunteer with a local cat rescue organization. Since she started with them, she has fostered a few kitties to keep them from being euthanized at the local high-kill shelter. Spay and neuter your animals, people!

Several weeks ago, she went to take pictures of the kitties after work and found that one of the little guys was slated for euthanization the next morning. She signed the papers to foster and posted a picture on the way home of the little guy, perched on her shoulder. She'd left her carrier at home, because she honestly was not expecting yet another foster to come back to her apartment.

That picture cracked me up, for the little guy looked like Toothless from "How to Train Your Dragon". He came home with the name Toaster, and the next morning at work, we were talking about various names, and I suggested Java for the black as night kitten.

Then I heard stories about the little guy and was absolutely charmed.

Which is why he came home with me two weeks ago. After trying on several different names, we realize that Java fits him perfectly-he seems like he is hypercaffeinated. Even better, it has a somewhat techy feel for a house of techies.

So, meet Java.

Looking at the paws on this guy, he'll be HUGE. Scamp, who always seems kind of small to us (because he's a puffball who is skinny underneath) now seems like a behemoth. Next year, they'll probably be the same size...