Seems I have a back door in, so I'm taking advantage of it. I can't get to the dashboard, but I'm not worrying about it .

The car: The dealer had it for two weeks. The check engine light came on after changing out myriad fuses. Ultimately, the gas tank and evaporator cylinder were replaced. I got the car back and returned the Nissan (still don't like them). The SA told me they filled the tank, but when I started up the car, it said 1/3 full. Hmmmm. I drive it for three days and the gas gauge barely moves, even with me driving 150 miles. We fill it-and it only takes 4 gallons.

Back to the dealer, where the float for the gas tank is replaced. When I got the car after spending two weeks at the dealer, it had the shop smell. Now, it reeks of gasoline. Ew.

The kids: We started scouting off with a bang. At the first meeting, we were invited to a picnic that Saturday. Ed and the boys went and won tickets to a ball game the next day. Sunday was spent at the ballpark. It was fun and we had to promise younger a return trip to catch a foul ball.

Work: business is picking up now that the kids are back to school. This is good, as most of my salary is determined by sales. :) However, now that projections have Ernesto making a beeline towards Tampa Bay, I think business is going to suffer.

Ed's Mom and sister left for their cruise yesterday. Yes, with a storm brewing in the gulf. I have a feeling the ship won't make it to most of the destinations this trip.


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