Cat Toys

As much as I am a dog person, I have a soft spot for this cat. This is evidenced with the toys I buy him.

When he first came to live with us, Scamp had a squeaky toy we call "Lumpy", because he looks like the little Heffalump that was in a movie a few years ago. He also has a mickey face that he doesn't really play with much. Meanwhile, we'd never see him play with Lumpy, but we would find the little toy all over the house, typically on my chair.

Since I wasn't really seeing him interact with Lumpy, just evidence that he did, I bought a mouse dangle toy. He loved when we would interact with it and again, we'd find it all over the house. One day, I guess his want of playing with it overrode the desire to hide what he was doing, because I heard the plastic ring hit the floor over and over as he tossed it. (We've since come to find he LOVES tossing toys)

That first dangle got named Charlie by Chef, and Scamp must have tossed him into a box, because he disappeared. The next time, I got smart and bought two of the toys, and Chef called them Charlie 2 and Samantha-and he put them on lanyards, the better to dangle behind the couch.

Scamp loves them so much that he first pulled the legs off, then the stuffing out of the insides. He also has a pull back mouse, but he doesn't play with it nearly as much as the soft dangly ones.

Tonight, I picked up kitty litter and was down the same aisle, so I decided to get a replacement mouse for the anorexic ones we now have and spied some other toys that have different qualities. I found a little bird that chirps and some catnip fish. (So far as I know, he's never been exposed to catnip)

Well, the bird chips when you touch it-and it's all I've heard since I got home. I suspect I will come to regret this purchase at 3am, because Scamp is tossing the bird all over the bedroom, and it keeps falling into places he can't access.

He hasn't even had the catnip yet...


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