Charlie Horse, Daytona Florida

If you want all you can eat Crab Legs, Charlie Horse is your place. Heck, if you get a 1/2 pound order of crab legs, you will not leave Charlie Horse hungry. This time, however, we went for lunch-and left just as pleased.

Ed got a cheesesteak that had plenty of cheese and good flavor, but he said it was a tad bit dry. The fries, however, are awesome, with just a bit of batter on them and very crispy.
I got a grilled chicken club that was also fantastic. I swiped onions off of GameTeen's burger and was pleased with the grilled char and flavor, the crisp bacon, and ample cheese.
Two at the table had cheeseburgers and both raved about them, with GameTeen barely talking during the meal because he was nomming on that burger of his. That's always an indication of his seal of approval.

At night, the place has a wait, so if you want those crab legs, come early! However, for lunch, we were able to walk in and pick a seat. Our server was nice and friendly, though Ed observed that the table next to us got their food after us, finished after we did, and yet, they got their check and were out the door about ten minutes before us.

On the way out, we noticed this sign. I said it may not necessarily be a good thing!
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