This semester, I picked up two credits of Independent Study in an ongoing research concern with a professor I've worked with for almost a year now. It's a really neat concept we're studying, the integration of games into online books to reinforce retention of information.

Tomorrow, I get to actually work in the field with the students, rather than crunching the numbers from a previous study, which I actually like doing. However, it's cool to be in the classroom with students and see those reactions, rather than read the reports after the fact.

In fact, I'm trying to be logical about the courses I take in the fall, and knowing that I have to take stats means I shouldn't take things that are equally brain draining. So, I've decided I'd like to carry through with this class, but get something other than a pass/fail next time around.

I'm hoping the kids like the story and the games as much as I think they will!


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