Glad that I'm not "Guilty By Association" on this one

I thought I was done with the DISboards stuff, really I did.

However, the hypocricy and racism displayed by Webmaster Pete and others on a memorial show is deplorable. Sadly, all it does is show that the man who died is the only one who has some scruples among the staff.

I'm awaiting some You Tube links to the entire unedited podcast and then an edited link to just the racism portion. In the meantime, I'm posting the transcript of the 'tribute' to Bob. These were transcribed by a former DISer for me. Thanks.


Here is a link to the DIS' podcast page:
(note, the podcast in question has been removed from the web. It was on YouTube for a couple of days and viewed about 1000 times before being shut down)

The following is a transcribed portion of the show that was especially upsetting to many. It began around the 1 hour & 3 minute mark.

- - - - - - -

Pete Werner:

"Now in the two years we have been doing the show, I can really only speak for myself, but I'm pretty sure the rest of the team feels the same way, the funniest moment that we ever had doing this was our July 10th, 2007, show when Bob discussed the Naturalization Ceremony at the Magic Kingdom. We received a lot of feedback on that show; many of you have told us that it was your favorite as well. And the segment did have some darker humor to it, and I had edited the show after we had received some complaints about it. But even the original version that we put up on the site was heavily edited. Now, after a number of requests to put the unedited version into this show, I've decided to do just that. So, here is the version of that segment none of you ever heard. This is the unedited version of the 'Naturalization Ceremony at the Magic Kingdom.'"

Note: The show began with some banter between the podcast members. Then Mr. Bob Varley pulled out the "Fourth of July" Mickey Mouse Ears; they were a prop that he had wanted to share. The team laughed and made fun of the mouse ears. What follows is a part of their conversation.

Julie Martin - "Those are so retarded looking."

Note: The banter continued.

Pete Werner - "He looks like he's 'special'… wearin' that hat."

Note: The teasing about the mouse ears continued. Then Bob Varley attempted to describe the Naturalization Ceremony that he had attended on July 4th at the Magic Kingdom.

Bob Varley - "I actually went there because they were swearing in 1,000 immigrants to be US citizens. And they really did…"

Pete Werner - "Were you screaming racial slurs?"

Bob Varley - "No. I thought this was really good."

Pete Werner - "'Go back to Guatemala'?"

Note: The ethnic insults continued.

Bob Varley - "Just let me know when I can talk again. I'm gonna take a drink."

Kevin Klose - "Holiday Inn was at the Front Gate, catching 'em on the way out. 'You wanna be a maid?'"

Bob Varley - "Okay, I think I choked."

Kevin Klose - "We have Housekeeping positions available."

John Magi - "They went right from the indoctrination ceremony…"

Kevin Klose - "They were handed Housekeeping uniforms."

Bob Varley - "Well, we know this section's not gonna make it."

Kevin Klose - "Housekeeping or Gardner, take your pick."

Bob Varley -- "Delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete…"

Kevin Klose -- "You know there were no Doctors in the ceremony, okay."

Corey Martin - "How are we gonna come back from this one?"

Bob Varley -- "I'm just gonna keep talking."

John Magi -- "We're never gonna be elected the best podcast ever."

Kevin Klose -- "Actually, if we put this in, we would."

Pete Werner -- "Yeah, really. Oh, I will try and salvage what I can, but very little'll survive."

Julie Martin -- "It's almost like he's talking about a shipwreck."

Kevin Klose -- "There were no survivors."

Bob Varley - "As soon as I said 1,000 immigrants, it went downhill."

The podcast continued on for a few more minutes but I'll end it here. I think you can grasp the gist of the conversation and it wasn't a very flattering one. And from what I can gather, it sounds like this was the third version of this particular podcast segment. Pete Werner had mentioned that the first version had received complaints, so it sounds like he pulled it and replaced it with an even more heavily edited version (version two). If that is true, what made him think that he could share the entire unedited version (version three) and have it not insult the listeners?

Remember, folks, that on April 19, 2008, the DIS began purging all the "bad" members from their website. Here are a few of the infamous words from their so-called "explanation":

"One group in particular has proven to be vindictive, petty and mean spirited on levels that belie the fact that many of them are adults who raise children. These are people who have chosen to spend their free time targeting…visitors in an effort to hold them up to public humiliation and ridicule. Their hateful tirades are especially heinous when the target is someone who is sick, or dealing with a disability. Not even children have escaped their unmitigated viciousness... These are not isolated incidents - this goes on daily and has for years."

To think that Pete Werner (and the DIS Podcast Team) thought nothing of ridiculing 1,000 of the United States' newest citizens -- and in three different versions of a podcast segment, no less. Plus, in an audio form that allowed folks to personally hear the ridicule from not only his own mouth but also the mouths of the rest of his team as well. It simply boggles the mind.

The DISboards is run to increase business for Pete's web based TRAVEL AGENCY. Would you want to give business to a company that not only has such idiotic and racist views, but shares them on three different occasions on a podcast that you could have found (until 11pm last night) on iTunes?

It was only until this was pointed out by Janet on the UnDIS that they quickly pulled the offensive version. I guess they didn't think it was offensive. They thought wrong.

5/2/18 Look at the date before commenting on a post, people. 


Anonymous said…
Very offensive. Can you believe the nerve of some people?
Mike Golch said…
this is just a song I heard once in the fifties song by a bunch of drunks,it was so racist that I will not repeat the song ever.Let's say it was not very flattering to a certain segment of the population of our great country.
Geggie said…
Whoa, I think I need to read back and come up to date.
Anonymous said…
Oh calm down, I thought the Housekeeping joke was quite funny
Suzanne said…
We'll have to agree to disagree. I don't find it funny at all to imply that a newly naturalized citizen is ripe for the pickings on the way out of the park for menial labor.

It wasn't funny the first time, it isn't funny now.
Anonymous said…
Wow, that is really sad that in this day and age people resort to stereotypes to make a joke.

I hope they don't expect these "immigrants" to use their travel agency.

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