Twelve Minutes with Keith Olbermann

Normally, I shy away from politics on the blog. Those nearest and dearest to me know my views, as I do share them. However, I don't feel this is the proper forum for my point of view. I felt that others did not share it, that I held a minority opinion. Among my friends, I knew I wasn't. Today, I break my personal rule about politics on the blog.

I went to Jessalogic's blog and she pointed me towards another blog that stated a similar opinion to what I have been thinking about the Iraq quagmire we are in. Also on her blog was a twelve minute commentary that expresses frustration with those in White House that I absolutely, 100% agree with:

I find it quite interesting that the topics presented and Mr. Olbermann himself were discussed on Wednesday. Maybe my opinion isn't the minority, after all.


Bonnie said…
I don't express political views on my site because every time I have, I get flamed by radical stalkers.

I caught a part of that broadcast and had to go find it again to make sure I heard everything correctly. Olbermann said everything I have been thinking. You are not the minority.
ligirl said…
I love Keith Olbermann...especially for his Special Comments, such as these. Thank you for posting this! (I have missed the last few broadcasts due to cat-sitting!) It's pretty difficult to watch on my crappy Clearwire connection, but I certainly got the gist! Again, I LOVE Keith Olbermann...I'd have his babies (if I could still have babies, that is) Anyone happen to know what he had to say the other evening, after Bush's ridiculous speech to the Knesset?
daysgoby said…
Thanks, S!

I don't usually (well, not usually!) go into my political leanings myself, but this really struck me. Living in Canada (as an American citizen) as I do, I'm afraid sometimes that I'll finally gatrher my husband and children together and go back home - except there won't be a home left to go to.

It gives me nightmares, sometimes.
Mike Golch said…
I guess that maybe I should stay out of political things on my site as well.but there are times that I just cannot.

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