Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wiped Out

It was a VERY long day today at work. We unloaded four trucks and spent 11 hours working, working and then working some more. I forgot about this part of a new store opening, because it'd been a while since I've done an opening like this. I did a ton of them with Bath and Body Works, but that's ten years ago now

All afternoon, while dealing with the heat of the truck and the fatigue, I kept saying I was going to go over and enjoy the pool at Jane and Mom's. I'm sore and the leg is complaining. However, I sat down on the couch and I just don't want to get up. Not even to go soak in the tub.

Tomorrow, we only have one truck. Thank God, because I am not used to this truck thing on such a grand scale.

I'm even too tired to go and get some lovely beverages. Some Southern Comfort would go down nicely right now!

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projectmommy said...

Yeah, southern comfort does sound good. Teehee.