Maybe They Think Tinky Winky Is Scary?

I wasn't going to write any new posts about my banning from the DisBoards. It's old news-I'm over it. I've been spending more time on the UnDIS and a couple of private boards I'd been invited to join.

Part of what got many of us laughing that Saturday night was that if you clicked on a hyperlink on the the UnDIS that brought you back to the DISboards, you instead were redirected to a thread on the UnDIS titled "Get A Life." Ha Ha. However, once the thread was edited by the moderator of the UnDIS, Webmaster Alex probably was quite chagrined that we were mocking him. Plan B came in, and I'm telling you about it because the financial ramifications seriously bother me.

Once people began being banned, any links from the UnDIS (Circle of Sarcasm) to the DisBoards now redirect you to PBS's Teletubbies site. I know you're saying "Big Deal!". Well, actually, it IS a big deal.

You see, Public Broadcasting exists through the generosity of viewers like you and me. Back when I had the funds, I was a supporter of our local Public Radio and Television. It is great programming, and my family has enjoyed many a program from PBS, Teletubbies included.

Currently, anyone clicking on a hyperlink at the UnDIS site goes to PBS. I don't know how much each click costs PBS, but lots of clicks are happening. I'm sure Webdoofus Alex finds this amusing, but I don't, because his little game could actually HURT viewers of Public Television.

Right now, congress is debating whether they'll subsidize public broadcasting or discontinue the practice. What this means is that every penny that PBS earns means even more to them. Do you want their limited funds wasted on paying for the bandwidth wasted on a stupid Disney message board's redirects?

If you want to see what I'm talking about, here's what you do: but there's a caveat involved. Go to the UnDIS. Find a thread with a link that says DISboards in the URL address. To make it easy, there is a thread titled "Another WTF thread" that has a link in the first post. Click on that link and you'll see that it doesn't take you to the DisBoards, but to the Teletubbies site.

Many members of the UnDIS have taken to cutting and pasting any links instead of clicking the hyperlinks, so as to not cost PBS any more money. Several of us have contacted PBS about the redirect. However, not everyone is aware of this issue and the links are still being clicked.

The caveat? If you click on that link, and get to the PBS site, and you have the funds to do so PLEASE consider making a contribution to PBS! They really need your money.

Also, consider contacting your local PBS station and letting them know that the morons at the DisBoards are draining their bandwidth because of some stupid internet grudge.

I don't want to see the Teletubbies site disappear because of some Webdoofus.

Alex, if you're reading this, give it up. Be a man and stop hurting Public Broadcasting.

****About a month after I wrote this entry, the redirects instead sent people back to the UnDIS. Too bad the webmasters at the DIS can't over ride the Mozilla 'click around' feature.


Mike Golch said…
For some reason pbs comes acroos as we don't care what you want just keep giving us your least that is the way it seems here with our local pbs station.I digress.
songbird said…
Alex is an ass. I met him at a DISmeet years ago, when I was still in the good graces of TPTB at the DIS. He knows I'm an attorney. tired to impress em with his "legal knowlege". I was NOT impressed. It was actually kind of funny.

But this teletubby thing is definitly not funny.
Suzanne said…
Very well written. Alex is making himself out to look like a narcissistic twit. Wait... scratch that. Alex *is* a narcissistic twit.

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