Six Months

Six months ago, I wrote my first entry for NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month. I haven't taken a day off since.

It's funny, there was a time when my readers (all six of you) would complain that I hadn't written in three or four days. Heck, when I was having some Blogger issues in 2006, I would go weeks without posting!

My goal was to get through NaBloPoMo, maybe make a few friends and gain a few readers. I did that and then some. I've got blog buddies that I have to pop in and visit every day, I dragged a blog friend into NaBloPoMo and my reading audience went from roughly 14 a day to about 25. Sweet. A writer wants to have readers.

In the waning days of NaBloPoMo, one of the participants replied to a forum question "You've completed this, what are you going to do now?" by mentioning Holidailies. Ooooh, another blog post every day? That sounds like fun!

December went along much like November. I made some friends and picked up a few more readers. The host site was set up differently, but you could click on the blogroll and go directly to a blogger's page. I found some more great bloggers to read.

Then, I got the email about Blog365. A whole YEAR? Considering that I had nearly done 1/6th of a year, it didn't sound as daunting as it might to a newbie blogger. The decision was easy-I'm going for it. Let's see how it goes.

I've made some more blog friends and picked up some more readers. My goal at the beginning of the year was to shoot for 50 readers a day. I got 50 hits one day in February and I can't tell you how stoked I was. I won't have the audience of Amalah, Lotus, Sarah or Julie, but I'm okay with that.

Last week, I spiked to over 400 hits in one day. What a rush! Since then, Ed has asked where my hits are "Only 140". Geez, two weeks ago, I'd have been over the moon at that many hits, now I've had a taste of what it's like to have a lot of people view the blog. It is addicting.

I wouldn't be here today without knowing that people cared about what I had to say. That honor goes to the original people who were reading in 2005. Thanks to:
Ed (though you could say he's kind of obligated!)

You all made me think that this writing thing I do? Maybe it's decent enough to keep doing it. The rest of you (and I'm going to leave a lot of names off, my apologies)

you have been an incredible group who have inspired me to become a better writer. I read each of you and am challenged to work harder at this craft. Thanks for all the great reading!

Some days, I falter. I find that this habit of writing every day has improved my skills. Other days, I read what one of you have posted and it spurs me on to write something that may not be related, but was inspired by the words you posted.

I started NaBloPoMo with a short list of topics in a word document, figuring that by day ten, I'd have run out of stuff to write about. That list has been largely untouched, other than to add other ideas. Instead of not having much to say, many days come with two or three ideas to blog about. (Lately, I think you've seen some of that because I need the outlet!)

So, thank you, all of you for sticking around, for giving me the idea that what I write is something worth reading!


Danny said…
Hello, thanks for the chocolatey welcome ! Glad to see another Met fan, we seem few and far between.

I guess I'm a little behind on the waving, but I will definitely get on that.

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