Scratch This!

This weekend was full of homemade goodies.

Yesterday, I used my ebelskiver pan and had some fun making filled cakes of pan. Think Dunkin Munchkins in pancake form.The lesson learned: do NOT skimp on the oil!

Each time I make these, they look more like what they're supposed to! Gameboy asked for apple, Chef for peanut butter, and mine were strawberry or chocolate.

This is Ed's Birthday Cake!
Chef Jr and I asked him what kind of cake he'd like for his birthday, and he said he wanted Mango. This is a Mango Vanilla Cake with Mango Cream Cheese Icing. Yum! I replaced the water in the cake mix with mango nectar. The icing was from scratch and again, I added a cup of mango nectar to the icing. (I'm thinking next up is a mango cheesecake)

Can I just say I love this stuff?
Thanks to this, Ed now enjoys eating THIS:
I love pork chops, but he never did. I have never dated/married a guy who liked them (I suspect all their moms over cooked them), so I was relegated to ordering them when I dined out. We've used this breading mix three times now, and when Gameboy was saying he really, really liked the pork chops (huzzah!), Ed said "I like them, too!"
Thank you, breading!

Also made but not pictured: Deep Dish Chicago pizza. As I'd never made the dough recipe before, when I saw the dough was for a 9-10 inch pan, I halved it again for my 14 inch pan.

Big mistake. The dough was close to being perfect (it was based on Ike Sewell's Uno recipe), but I probably would have been fine with the original recipe. The dough poofed up a bunch and as a result, deposited lots of sauce on the bottom of the oven. It's a TALL deep dish pizza!

Next week, I'll try it again with the original recipe and see what happens.

Yes, my menfolk are spoiled rotten.


Kristy said…
seriously, I'm coming to live with you!

Was that a Mickey head I saw on the plate? ;)
projectmommy said…
Ooh, now I'm hungry! That looks good!
Suzanne said…
Kristy, is that a surprise? actually, the cake is on a Mickey plate, too! :)

ShannyMar, come on over. There's still cake and pizza left. That pork chop was my dinner. (burp!)
Grandy said…
Happy belated birthday to Ed. If I get my order in now, will you bake me a cake??
imaginary binky said…
Please feed me NOW. I really need to stop reading your blog when I'm hungry. Argh.

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