Work Update

It's official: close to 70 hours from Wednesday of last week until Tuesday. Grand Openings can be brutal. Fortunately, for the most part, I'm working with some awesome people.

Interesting stuff:
The caterers hired to feed us for the first few days brought food in in clear plastic tubs. Uh, guys, have you properly stored that food above 140 degrees? Where's your food handling permits, your National Serv Safe Cards? I thought so. As a result, I brought food in on Sunday. Enough to feed me and 30 or so of my coworkers.

The person I had mentioned before and I had a conversation. It was good. She hasn't worked retail before, and hadn't realized protocols and that I'd been with the customer. We're cool. Meanwhile, there's a guy who is purposely 'snaking' sales.

Fortunately, the huge one he took away from someone who was off yesterday was credited back to the right salesperson. Seems he didn't count on the fact that the salesperson who was off giving the customer's name and product info to three other people who were working yesterday.

I have Wednesday and Thursday off every week. I thought yesterday would be sleep in day, then do some housecleaning and unpacking. Gameboy had a bug bite that looked like it was becoming cellulitis, so off to the doctor with him today. The Nurse Practitioner agreed and he's on a course of antibiotics. Today, I take Chef to cooking school. Wheeeee. Oh well, I can clean and unpack next week.


Mike Golch said…
Can someone please say hectic??

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