Cool Jazz

One of my coworkers lives around the corner from me. As a result, he's offered that whenever needed, I can ask him to carpool to work or get a ride home. Pretty neat.

Yesterday's cleanup tasks kept me at work until 7-but Ed and the boys had to be at Scouts at 7, so D was kind enough to drop me off.

We got into his car, he turns the key and jazz begins blasting out of his radio. Sweet! We spent the short drive home talking all about jazz and artists we like. He'd never seen Tim Eyermann perform, but knew of him and was excited when I offered the loan of my cds.

This man is all southern charm, I had no clue that he was into jazz. The best part is that he was able to tell me the three jazz stations in the area and where one could go to check out some good live jazz. Awesome. I am psyched!


Mike Golch said…
That is the great thing about discovery. I found so much common ground when I was a corrections officer between me,my fellow C/Os and the inmates that we had to keep and eye on.
Grandy said…

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