Lime Green Antenna Topper Mania

I have a collection of antenna toppers. The collection began because my new car came with a vase, and it looked empty. While sitting at the dealership, in my new car, the inspiration struck to purchase some toppers from work.

Some of the bouquets over the years:

I became known on the DIS for that ever changing display of toppers. The collection grew and grew. I finally had to find something to display them where I could see what I had, like this:This isn't all of my toppers, maybe about half of them.

The picture would change with the seasons. Over the years, as soon as I put up a new picture, I'd get messages "Where did you get THAT topper?" On one occasion, I was driving across I4 to meet up with Mom and Jane at WDW and kept leap frogging with an SUV. I noted it, because it had a pink Tink decal and a Mickey Pot of Gold topper. I thought to myself "if that isn't a DISer, it should be!".

When I got home, there was a thread started with my name on it. "Were you on I-4 tonight? We were the green SUV that kept leap frogging with you!" Sing it with me now "It's a Small World, After All." Martha had seen those topper pictures and saw the bouquet IN my car and figured it just had to be me. She was right.

Eventually, the signature pictures on the boards had gotten out of hand and some guidelines were handed down. Pictures had to be a certain size. I used a resizing program that Jill suggested and thought I was fine. Certainly, I had to be, because there were pictures far bigger than mine out there. Apparently not, as a webmaster sent me a warning that my siggy pic was too big.

I immediately removed the picture, because I followed the rules. I still saw pictures far bigger on other people's signatures, but figured that they knew something about pixels that I didn't. Several people told me the thought I'd disappeared, because the pictures were gone.

When I worked for the stores, I'd grab toppers for friends that didn't have a store nearby. One spring, we got toppers in the official DIS color, Lime Green. I think between my store and the three I helped that spring, I picked up about 20 of those toppers. My intention was to give them to other DISers as I saw them on visits to WDW. Somehow, my idea never came to fruition. I'd forget the topper at home, in the car or they would be hidden in the debris of the office and remembered a week after I'd been over to WDW and back.

When I visited a friend at the Beach Club recently, I told her that I was thinking of selling all my excess toppers on eBay. I've got quite a few that I've got 4 and 5 of and one pesky one that I have almost two dozen of. However, inspiration has struck. While they may get eBayed, somehow, I think I know 108 people (and more coming) who might have a use for this bad boy. What do you think?


Southern4sure said…
I'll take one! Let me know whey you list on Ebay.
Kristy said…
Love it!!
Anonymous said…
Heh heh heh too funny!

Kate said…
As someone who was constantly PMing you for updates on the newest toppers (and who displays them in a vase like your car one) - EFFING YEAH I WANT ONE!! ;)
Gypsydoodlebug said…
Too funny!
Robin said…
I need one of those, too! I'll keep an eye here for your eBay listings. In the meantime, maybe I'll make a t-shirt to match. ;)
projectmommy said…
They are all so cute! That's a really neat idea to put in that little vase that comes in your car. I like it!
DisneyPhD said…
OMG, too funny. Those are perfect.

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