Twenty Years Ago

I loaded up a moving van with my belongings, a whole bedroom's worth (and a dining room table) and drove 275 miles southwest. I in the U-Haul, then fiance in the "Lepermobile". We headed for Maryland, land of mountains and oppressive heat. We were such grown ups, heading out to our first apartment and real life.

Within the first year, we had a car die, had to find another place to live (mice infestation), got a job in my chosen career field, and gained a bunch of weight. (that was a fun one-got a card congratulating me on my 'impending arrival.' Eeek!)

It was a strange and interesting land, the country south of the Manson-Nixon. It was plain and simple culture shock. It took almost four years to really feel like it was 'home'. Fortunately, among those who dismissed me just for where I was raised, there were some great people who liked me for who I was.

In the succeeding twenty years, I've lived in two states and six towns, worked in five states (and helped in two move), owned three houses, married, divorced and married again, had two kids and met countless people. I've had grand adventures and some mishaps. I've made a few friends along the way (and lost track of several I wish I hadn't).

One thing is for certain, I'm glad I struck out on that journey twenty years ago. It was the day I began to learn what being a grown up is all about...


Kate said…
Maryland isn't the South. Move to Mississippi for a while. ;) They affectionately called me "damn Yankee."

But, on the topic of similarities - my first married home had a mice infestation (which was ignored by my TWO cats), I gained twenty pounds over the first two years of marriage, and my cousins all think I'm pregnant all the time.

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