Good friend, good food, good wine

We have had a low key kind of day around here. Guest's choice, so we went over to Tampa to visit a store she doesn't have at home. Lunch at this awesome German deli/restaurant. However, this is what Donna was jonesing for as part of the dinner:

This is what happens when you post pictures of food you prepare on the blog. I'm not mean, so if she wants it, she gets it.

In exchange, she brought us the fruits of her trip to Napa last fall for work:

(She's a travel agent, so she got to explore Napa on the company. I wanted to hide in her luggage)

The wine in question was a gift from the vintner. Each of the TA's on the trip was told they had to share it with loved ones. This bottle was waiting for the next time that we all were together. Here it is, breathing properly before consumption.

It was good. Probably a bunch more tannic and oaky than any of us would normally drink. However, drinking something outside your comfort level expands your comfort level. Eventually, this will probably be a desired wine for us. It sure got us warm! It's a perfect wine for a cold winter's night-up north.

The rest of the meal, you ask? Well, if some of us had our way, it'd only be the gratin. Instead, we had bourbon chicken (if you buy the bottled stuff, cut it with some teriyaki) and corn. But it was all about the gratin.

Who am I kidding? It is all about the company!


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