Gameboy has a horrible time with writing. AT 12, his handwriting is worse than a kindergartener's. It takes him a very long time to form letters and it is obvious that this is painful for him.

We have it stated in his IEP that he needs to use a computer or laptop or dictate his answers to tests. Currently, we're having a conflict with a teacher's aide (if there is a problem, it always seems to be an aide who knows more about our child than us). This aide is butting heads with Gameboy about writing assignments-ones that his IEP says he has to have an alternative method to complete.

Ed was in a doctor's office last week and happened to catch an Accent on Health segment that gives a name to what Gameboy is dealing with: Dysgraphia. It is considered a form of dyslexia (really?) and the pain and discomfort is very real.

Having a name for it is a start. Now, to contact his psychiatrist and find out how we can have him diagnosed...


Jennifer H said…
I hadn't heard of that before, but wow. That's great that you have that bit of information in hand as you go forward. Good luck with it all.

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