My Stupid Leg (Now with pictures!)

You've heard about it, you've read about it, you've heard countless complaints. Now, you get to SEE stupid leg. The one that is FRIGGIN ITCHY right now from the RSD and assorted venous issues.

This looks tons better than even November, when I came back from disability. If I keep it in the compression stocking, it settles down to a dull roar. As soon as I take that stocking off, though, I am a ticking time bomb until I want to scratch the thing until it bleeds.

Use an anti itch ointment, you say? I would, but I seem to be allergic to every darn one manufactured! I think I'm headed out to the garage to find some sandpaper...

If you're fascinated and you clicked on the picture to make it bigger, please don't mind the hairs on my leg. First, shaving over the valve is dicey and second, the fact that there is even hair growing is a miracle. Not a miracle I like, but anything that indicates there is *some* sort of healing going on will do, in my book.


Anonymous said…
That looks down right PAINFUL! Holy crap, woman! I'm glad you included a pic this time so that now when you talk about it I get a better idea of what it looks like. Don't worry about the hairs, btw. My legs look like that too and my only excuse is the fact that I'm lazy this week!
Mike Golch said…
yuck,sorry that you have to put with this.

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