This time...

the visitor came to us. Woohoo!

Donna is here for the weekend. We get to enjoy each other's company. It's been close to a year-far too long since she's been here. Y'all can be jealous-she gets to enjoy the food we talk about all the time. Fondue tonight, gratin tomorrow. I might even break in my ebelskiver pan (my last purchase from my previous employer).

Training has been going very well. The week has been full of learning the company culture, about their sales techniques and spending a day and a half with one of our major vendors, learning about their product lines. It's been a lot to learn, but fun.

Today, I got what I consider a huge compliment. One of my coworkers, N, came up to me during a break and asked if when the store opens, I would buddy up with him on the sales floor. He went on to say that I know so much and share it easily. I had to explain that I'm new to these products, too! However, it's the kind of rapport I'm looking to build with all new hires-that one of the other 11 in my group feels this way is a huge boost to my ego.

The company as a whole impresses me. They put a lot of time, money and effort into training and it shows. It's refreshing to be somewhere that the time is being spent before anyone hits the sales floor ensuring that they have the tools to be successful.

Homework this weekend, but the fun kind. I am supposed to shop the competition. That should be quite interesting.


Kristy said…
Wow...busy week and a visitor :)

Yay for Donna being able to travel down to see you and for an excellent week of training with kudos on top :)

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