7 Random Facts About Me

What the heck, I haven't done a MeMe in a few weeks, and this one was on Grandy's blog. I loves me some Grandy! I wish she'd blog more! She in turn, got it from a new guy, Nofaceberg. What's not to like about a guy who's a Mets fan?

If you'd like to do this one, consider yourself tagged. If not, hakuna matata!

1. I'm the 7th of 8 kids, but I'm an oldest, too. This meant Mom was very lenient and Dad? Well, I had to beg for the car to do important stuff like deliver the 120 boxes of citrus fruit that I sold for Choir! Giggles had it much easier a few years later getting that car!

2. I've never been snow skiing, but I have been water skiing. At this stage of the game, I doubt I'll ever get to glide down a mountain, but I'd love to try.

3. I can't stand Minnie Mouse. Thanks to a coworker, I found out the reasons for my dislike: she seems to be stepping out on the Main Mouse. Think about it: you always see her with Goofy! Also, she's always showing those bloomers-a lady (mouse?) shouldn't be showing her bloomers. Nope, not a fan of Minnie.

4. I've lived in three states and traveled to 24 of them. I'm not sure if I'm done living in different states, but I do know I plan on visiting many more.

5. In the nearly 22 years as a NY resident, I never went to Times Square to see the ball drop. That crowd you see on TV? I'd hazard a guess that it's 90% non NYers! Being outside in the cold for hours to watch some lights at the top of a building go down a pole was not my idea of a good time. OTOH, laughing at those people while watching them from the warmth of a house while consuming alcoholic beverages? Much better idea!

6. I have a scar on my lip from a dog bite when I was 7 years old. It didn't traumatize me, because I still adore dogs. Except for little yippers (punters), like the terrier that bit me!

7. If I became rich, one of the odd things I'd probably do is get my favorite arcade games from the late 70's and early 80's and have a game room in the house. The kids would love it and if I had Tron, Phoenix and Tempest with the right controls, I'd be happy. (Oh and I think I'd have to have Ms Pac Man and then KnockOut so I could hear bowwy bwow! Weft! Weft! Wight! Wight! and laugh all over again!)

Your turn, if you're inclined!


Mike Golch said…
I'm with you 100% on item #7.I'd love to have a game room with those games as well.
Jennifer S said…
I've never been snow skiing either. I sort of just assume that I will break a leg.

And the crowd in Times Square would make me hyperventilate. Too many people in one place. Agh.
Grandy said…
Grandy loves you back!! I'm trying to post more. Really!! E.N.E.R.G.Y. is tough.

Great job on the meme. I've never skiid either, but only water skiid once.

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