Rainy Days and Monkey Wrenches Always Get Me Down

Saturday night, we left the store with a sense of accomplishment. Yes, there was tweaking to be done on Sunday, but most of us were given Sunday off to rest. Monday morning's plans were for a little bit of register training before a soft open of the store.

Alas, the GM walked up to the front door to see a FLOOD. The rain that I (and probably most of Central Florida) cheered about last night ended up INSIDE the store. Lousy contractor didn't do a very good job on the roof.

The plans for today got changed. Instead, there was a lot of mopping, cleaning and returning the store to the pristine state it was on Saturday night.

It's a bummer, because today was going to start us earning commission! Oh well, I guess a monkey wrench is part of the plan.

At least everyone had a sense of humor about the whole thing. There were lots of jokes about needing bigger boats, well we are in LAKEland and other amusing stuff. When the going got tough, my coworkers got to joking. Pretty cool.

Tomorrow, my last day off for over a week. I'll use the R&R well.


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