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Last night, I was working with a couple and the wife tells me that they're about to go see a movie, that she'd convinced her husband to go see one with her. He was embarrassed that he'd agreed to go see a 'chick flick', but it was okay to tell someone he didn't know that he was about to see Sex and the City.

It made me think about this one. Why? Because I've never seen a single episode of the show. So, today, I list movies/shows I have never seen and you can laugh at my geekiness! They'll be all across the board, I'm just looking at lists of the most popular movies of the past 10 years

Movies I have never seen:
Fast and the Furious
Austin Powers (any of them)
The Matrix
Rush Hour (either)
Oceans 11 or 12
any of the Spider Man Movies
War of the Worlds
any of the Bourne Movies

By virtue of the fact that I've never seen the tv show, I doubt I'll be seeing Sex and the City:the Movie.

TV shows I've never seen. Like the movie list, it's only a partial listing!

Sex and the City
Family Guy
Desperate Housewives
So, You Think You Can Dance?
Dancing With the Stars
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Twin Peaks
Six Feet Under
Arrested Development
Farscape (other than Dr. Who, I haven't watched much on Sci Fi)
The Bachelor/Bachelorette
Boston Legal
Gray's Anatomy
Big Brother
Lipstick Jungle
My Name is Earl

There are a couple of shows that could be on that list, but I caught an episode or part of one, so I didn't add them. I saw one episode of CSI with Bill and maybe a few minutes of Deal or No Deal. I may have seen a total of 5 episodes of American Idol, and 3 of them were because I was traveling for work and couldn't use the internet at the hotel.

Most of the water cooler talk you get at work is about what was watched on TV the night before. I picked up a lot of what was going on that I could comment without actually watching!

What about you? What thing does the majority of the population do/watch that you don't?


projectmommy said…
Titanic is one of my favorite movies! You can skip out on Sex and the City, but you HAVE to sit down and watch Titanic! I demand it!
Kaoscapt said…
As a male, I know what you mean. Since I have absolutely no interest in Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, etc., it leaves very little to talk about when encountering groups of other men. As for movies, it is far safer to assume that I haven't seen it than to assume I have - I just don't go to movies.
ligirl said…
IMHO, you are NOT missing anything by not having seen Titanic! I mean no disrespect, but yuck. And that Celine Dion theme song just adds insult to injury! Aack! That being said, I've never seen ANY of the Star Wars or Harry Potter movies! (No interest) I think I might be the only person on the planet to claim THAT dubious distinction! The new SATC movie was wonderful...but if you've never seen the show, (and I don't think you'd care for it, actually) there really IS no reason to see the movie...I've also never seen Dancing with the Stars, OR St. Elsewhere, OR Hill Street Blues, OR Pushing Daisies, OR Two and a Half Men OR...well, almost everything new. Just a news and radio junkie.
Mike Golch said…
I dont think I have seen any of these as well,well most of then I did see one of the bourn movies on the T.V.
Mike Golch said…
I dont think I have seen any of these as well,well most of then I did see one of the bourn movies on the T.V.
Joyce-Anne said…
I don't think Survivor made yuour list. Though, I've never seen it, I understand it's a classic reality tv show. Personally, I have to admit to watching Dancing with the Stars...I'm a huge Kristi Yamaguchi fan (always have been--since she first came on the scene as a singles and pairs skater with Rudy Galindo)and just had to watch her this season.
Jennifer H said…
I have never watched Lost.

But The Sopranos is one of the best shows ever.

(I haven't seen several of those movies, either.)

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